I Want A Little Girl

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aja - July 18

im 18 & me and my ex have been having s_x for 6 months with out a condom, we have s_x twice a week.. i want a baby with him but he doesnt. unfortunatly i can see why........we really arnt financial ready to live with each other let alone a baby,,,,,,,,,but i still want to have a baby. is there such thing as craving sperm>? cause i think when we have s_x i always want him to come in me is that natural or self thought?............should i try an unplanned pregnacy..........helo would be great thanks


m - July 18

its normal but if you get obsessed it wont happen


Jacky - July 18

You want thim to come in you because you really want to get pregnant. But y bring a baby into this world if niether of you are ready?


PK - July 18

Aja, It sucks I know to want something so bad and not be ready. I'm 22 and I still don't think I am ready, but I'm like you I want a little girl so bad I can't see straight, probably since I was about 14 to be honest. But you know there will be so much stuff to keep you busy these next few years, it will all fly by and eventually you will find someone you are absolutly in love with and all and he will want to have a baby too. I know a few years seems like such a long time to live with such a strong desire, but I promise you it will fly by faster than you can imagine. First try and either go to school or get a good job and some medical insurance, and a car, and all that good stuff, and then start thinking about it. I can't tell you what to do and I am not trying, I am just giving advice. Things are hard enough the first few years out of high school, trying to figure out everything, why don't you wait until you have settled in to the adult person you are going to be. Also, this never mattered much to me, but if you're someone who likes to go out or you plan on drinking a little and all when you are 21 then maybe you should give yourself a little more time to be young! Like I said, I know it's hard to hear, because 2 more years without something you want sooooo bad seems like a long time, but I think it will just make you appreciate it all the more! Good Luck. I hope everything works out okay. Keep us updated on what you decide!


shaina - July 18

You're slow. You want to have a baby with your ex? Hes obviously your ex for a reason. If you arent financially ready and not even in a relationship then you are NOT ready! ITS HARD WORK!


PK - July 22

I agree I do think you're not ready, but then it could always be argued that no one is really ever ready for parenthood until it happens, which is in many ways true, but at the very least I think you should be financially stable and have all of your c___p together for the most part before you take on one more responsibility, especially one so big!!! But in your defense Aja, I can't call you dumb or slow or crazy because I love children, always have, have always been around them and like I said, I have probably wanted one since I was old enough to no longer be disgusted by boys. However, I again say that I hope you'll wait until you at least know who you are as an adult!


sherry - September 6

it is hard work! i have a 5 week old little girl, and my hubby is amazingly helpful and it's still a 24/7 job, so without a partner wanting the same things as well, chances are it will all end up on your shoulders, making your life extremely difficult, so to wait until you have a partner that is ready, and wants the same, is your best bet. good luck


Crazy - September 7

People have s_x because it feels good and/or they want to make their partner feel good. I would suggest that you go to college and/or get a good job so you can support a baby so that hard-working taxpayers do not have to support a single mom with child(ren). Stop being so selfish with wanting to bring a child into this world when you are a child yourself.


Amber - September 7

OK... Im confused!!! He's your EX!!!!!!!!! Why the hell are you having s_x with your ex anyways? Im sorry but I dont usually sleep with someone who Im not in a working relationship with! I think 18 is too young... but I might be more open minded to the idea if you were at least in a serious relationship with the guy! HELLO... you are wondering if you are old enough to have a baby.... You arent even old enough and mature enough to figure out that you dont have s_x with your ex much less have a BABY!! Whats wrong with you people below that posted all these notes about her having a baby... Your first clue should've been... "Me and My EX!!!! "



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