I Want To Get Pregnant

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kiesha - November 14

i am 19 years old and all i can think about is having a baby. i just feel like i would be so much more complete. i can't wait to be a mother. i just want to know if im too young.


Mommy - November 14

Age isn't really the (whole) thing to base it on. Are you in a stable relationship? Do you have a secure income? Are you emotionally ready? If the answer is yes to those questions, I would say you are ready. Because after a baby everything changes, try to get your goals accomplished before you have kids. Good luck. :o)


kiesha - November 16

thank you so much for that answer and all the answers to those questions are yes. thank you again


SNM - November 24

Great response Mommy but I have to add my two-cents as well. Keisha there are so many things that comes with a baby that they don't tell you about. Babies DEMAND a lot of your time and energy. I am 29 and don't have any kids yet but I planned on starting in a year. For now I am taking care of two kids as if they were my own and I must say it gets overwhelming sometimes. Make sure you educate yourself on what it takes to raise a baby. Go around and ask people who have kids what’s it like and then see how you feel after you’ve done your research. You’re 19 you still have time remember that. Good luck!!


baby girl - November 25

Iam 21 and ready but if you have to ask someone else yes that means you are to young.


kiesha - November 25

i know how much resopnsibility it is and im willing to deal with that. maybe i am too young but in my heart i feel like im ready more than ever. and trust me i've been doing alot of research lately. it does seem difficult but im ready for that challenge.


amanda - December 4

Kiesha, I dont think that you are too young, If you feel in you heart that you are ready, and you are ready finanical wise, Then you go for it. I myself am 21 years old, graduated HS and am in college, and I also want a baby right now. Ive actually been trying for eight months..Good Luck to you gurl..Keep me posted!!! [email protected]


rachel - December 6

hey keisha, i am 19 and also ttc my first. age doesnt really matter i dont think aslong as ur in a stable relationship, have money, security, love to give a child etc. wish u the best of luck


Erica - December 6

Hey honey, just remember that when you have a child it's like having your heart walking around outside of your body for the rest of your life


Mama2wanna - December 7

I was 23 when my son was born. I had been married for 3 years at that point and we thought we were ready. Turns out, there is no "ready". It does not exist. That first year or two was the hardest, scariest time of my life. All the idealistic, romanticized ideas I had about pregnancy and labor (thank you Father Of The Bride 2 and A Baby Story) were b__wn out the window completely. All the less attractive things that "happen only to other people" during pregnancy and labor actually happened to me. The stretch marks(on many other locations besides my belly), the pain, the moodiness, the hemorrhoids(oy!), it goes on and on. Also, a nasty four day labor followed by a nasty c-section followed my nursing problems, and postpartum depression and money problems. So, don't think that a state of "ready" actually exists. My son is now 4 years old and my husband and I have been married for 7 years. We aren't sure we are ready for another one. I may have said something like "I'm 19 and ready..." but I would have found out rather quickly that I was dead wrong. Please wait and live a bit more before you change your life so drastically. You will be so happy that you did!



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