Iam 30 So Does That Make Me Too Old To Be A Mom Geez

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shelby - November 29

i know this is mostly teens on this site, who think 30 is like super old, and i know when i was a teen i thought so to, but now that iam 30, do you think that iam too old to have a child? i read the 35 and up post about them being to old, and risking their child's health, and that is really a very selfish thing to post, being that millions of women over 35 have beautiful healthy children, and have every right to bare a child. the risks are very minimul, and some women ttc so long, that they started earlier, but might not get pregnant until 35 or older, does that make them undeserving to have children? i have a 4 month old baby, and plan on having another in a couple years, does that make me an old bag? i think the teens on this site have just taken over this board totally, and it's ridiculous! to them 25 is old, and ya know what, better to wait and be able to give your baby what he needs, financial security, mature parents, not that a younger woman cannot give a baby this to, but it's just that the majority of 18 year olds cannot, but there are always excpetions, so iam not bashing those who are teen mom's already and making it work. good for you, but you hurt people's feelings when you call someone old, who is ttcing and have a right to have their lives blessed with a child. i just don't get why some of these threads are so immature in and of themselves. to each their own. let anyone who wants to ttc, ttc and leave it at that. it took me 4 years to have this baby, and let me tell you, even at 30, it's a VERY hard job. 24-7. remember that to! good luck to those trying, whatever age you are! what is meant to be, will happen, i truly believe that!


amanda - November 29

No you are not to old. I dont know why anyone would say that but who knows.Goodluck on your next baby.


Mega - December 6

I agree totally, Shelby! Of course, maybe that's b/c I am 30 & TTC #1. :)My mom was 36 when she had me, she'd been trying for 11 years. I think there are lots of advantages to having older parents. My DH's mom was 22 when she had him & money was much tighter at first for them than it was for my parents' who had more financial stability. I just thought I'd throw that out. Congrats on your new baby.


crystal - December 6

I'm a teenager my self (20 in a couple of months) and not all teens are the same, i think some of the girls on here are disgusting, and i don't want to stereo type anyone, but you can see why their on this site, they don't have the brains to even think about using contraception! I myself am trying, but i have my own reasons, anyway, i don't think your too old, and i really hope it all works out for you! Just ignore the 'teenage' banter, they just want attention! Congratulations on your new little addition to your family!


hey shelby - December 6

I'll be 30 when our son is born, and any younger than this would have been too young for me. I don't feel old at all. I spent the last three years of my life climbing 200 feet into ancient trees on a rope & free-climbing, hiking 14 miles at a time on steep & treacherous terrain, hopping freight trains, hitch-hiking, living most of my life outdoors... biking & walking most places I went. I also, among other places I went on whim, went to Mexico & hung out for three weeks. In my early 20s, I ran (finished a 4-mile race in 40 minutes), biked 25 miles during the spring, summer, & fall, and went out dancing with my friends every weekend. And I dated lots of different folks, got some years behind me in learning about the world & myself. You know what I did as a teen? Nothing. I'm so glad I waited. 30 is still childhood as far as I'm concerned. Especially if you feel young. I'm more experienced in life than I was back then, but in a way, I'll never grow up. Which'll make it that much more fun for me to play with my son, run after him when he's a toddler and such. Congratulations to you on having a baby after such a long time trying!


Student - December 7

You are not too old! My mother had her children at 30, 32 and 36 respectively. However, be aware that there are higher risks in pregnancies over 30. My mother had several miscarriages. My sister had one, and her second child was premature and had some pretty major problems. But, I would not say this is the norm. Just make sure you seek out the best pre-natal care available to you. My sister advised me to refuse the amnio, which I did, as that caused the premature labor with her second baby. I have given that advise to several friends and they thought that it was very useful. Although, I suspect they were looking for a reason to avoid that big, scary needle anyway! So, take good care of yourself and keep communicating with your OB and you should be fine! Enjoy!!!


marcie. - December 7

of course it does not,women are very healthy these days,my friend had her baby in june at the age of 43,nearly 44.To look at her you would think she was more like a 30 year old.She wanted to get her degree first,etc.I am also glad that I waited until later to have a baby.My parents would say things like....we had to wait to have this and that,could not afford it,but my mother was fairly young when she had us,and gave up her work,which they believe is right,notice I said "they believe"not me!She was not a little teenager,but in her early/mid twenties.We waited until financially we were pretty ok,and I am so pleased we did.


Monique - December 11

I think 30 is the PERFECT AGE. My Dad used to say no one has any sense until they're 30 and it used to p__s me off because I thought I knew everything!! lol. Boy oh boy was he right!!


robyn - December 14

Hi Shelby! I too, am one of the "geriatric" parents! I was 18 when I had my first girl. She is actually just turning 18 this Christmas. I also have a 16 year old and a 13 year old. When my youngest was 2 I married a great man who has no kids of his own. This year I am 36 and we decided that we would like another child. At this point in my life, I feel far more stable as a person, calmer and I know who I am. More importantly, we are more financially secure and able to give this child things I was never able to give my other girls. 30 is definately not too old. Good luck and God bless you!


Bridget - December 16

30 is sooo totally NOT old! Some researchers say that a woman is at her s_xual peak in her 30's.However, what alot of them are trying to say is it is recommended that you have your FIRST child b4 the age of 31 that's all. It supposedly reduces the risks to both mom and baby. Nevertheless, my mother had me at 31 and my borther when she was 40 and both her pregnancies and births were equivelent of that of a healthy 20 year old.No matter what age you are just try to keep yourself healthy and that's the biggest criteria.


ak - December 27

30 is not old at all.


jill - December 28

no way. I'm 30, a pregnancy counselor (& perinatal development consultant), and no babies yet. My hubby says maybe in the next year or so. There is actually a greater risk when children are young and have babies. Their bodies are not fully developed and cannot properly nourish a growing child. The optimal age is about 25-35. A humans's brain is not fully developed until he or she is 25 years old. Psychologically pregnancy is more difficult under 25. Congrats! Enjoy your little bundle!! -Jill


sye - December 31

i'm 31 and pregnant with my second...you're not alone..


deza1 - January 12

Shelby, 30 is definitely not old. I am 31 and have 2 kids. My son is 6 & my daughter is 9. My fiance and I are planning on having another child together, but at the moment we are not ready because my daughter has a heart condition that requires lots of my time and attention. I am giving myself 2-3 more years. I personally think the older you are the better it is as long as you are healthy. At that age you are not worried about thoughts like, "What if I would've waited"..Good Luck!! All my best!!


Frances - January 17

Hey, you are welcome to join us at the L.A.M.B.S. thread in the Signs of Pregnancy heading. We have a gal over there who is 38 and trying for #4. Come join us!!


melissa - January 28

I'm with ya shelby, I'm about to turn 31 this coming week and I'm currently 37weeks... this is #1 and my husband and I don't consider too old for this... this is what we planned. I'm healthy, I've had NO problems t/o this pregnancy and we're financially prepared to give this baby everything and then we plan to go for #2 and possibly #3 after that. Stay happy and healthy and ignore the comments by those people on here that don't know what they're talking about!!


jal239 - February 1

Without question, you are not too old. My husband and I are planning on starting a family hopefully in the beginning of 2007. I will be 30 by that time. Up until a little while ago, I was really focused on leading my life childless. I had specific goals that I wasnted to accomplish before I would even think about chidlren. I have accomplished all of my goals and I can honestly say that I feel that I am past the living for me time of my life. I am ready to have children and I am so happy that I have waited till this point in my life. I feel had I had a child before t his point (30), then I would not be as good a mom. Hopefully I will be able to write on this forum in beginning of 2007 or sooner if that is what god intends. Either way, I am ready!!!!! Good luck and congrats.



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