Is 25 A Good Age To

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Confussed - November 14

Hi I am 25 years old and me and my husband would like to start a family. Yes we both make good money and both have decent jobs and I am even in school. When I tell people that I would like to start a family they look at me and tell me that I am too young. Am I too young? I know what goes into taking care of a child but does that mean I am ready? I am just so confussed, there are so many women who had/have children younger than me so why are they telling me now that I am too young? anything would help! Thanks


Bonnie - November 14

25 is a good age, provided you can financially take care of the baby, you and your DH have been married a while and have had enough time on your own, and you have lived enough of your own life to be ready.


mama-beans - November 14

maybe ask these people why they think you are too young.. maybe you act young for your age? Are you prepared to quit your job to raise your family? Will you be able to afford it? If so, ignore these people. 25 is a good age if you are ready.


Confussed - November 14

Most of the women I talk to is at work; Most of these women are career oreinted and are 30+,and either got married later and had children later or do not have husbands or a stable BF. As for age they actually tell me that I need to get out and party more, that I am too family oreinted to be just 25. They do say that I look young though.


*X* - November 14

I see no reason why 25 would be a bad age to have a child. Just ask yourself a few questions. Once you have a child, your life will be very much constrained. Have you seen as much of the world as you'd like? Have you seen any of it? Are you content in your career (if not, it could require more schooling to change it)? Do you really feel ready to devote all of your attention on someone else and very little on yourself? Just a few I can think of off the top of my head. So long as you don't feel like you'll be missing out on something you really want, I don't see why 25 would be too young.


To COnfused - November 14

I am also 25 and married. My husband and I have been discussing having a child. My SIL has a 5 month old and is 3 months pregnant. She is 23 yrs old. We have found that the people that are telling us we are too young are all of our young friends. We have grown out of the bar hopping and staying out until 4 am. We enjoy just being together. A dinner and movie. Our friends are not financially stable and immature. They make very abd decisions for themselves. That is why it is hard for them to think about parenthood. We have begun to distance ourselves from those friends, and enjoy being together, and with our family. In the end, they are the only people that matter. Our parents and his sister are the only opinions that really matter to us. That being said, we are going to do what we think is right for US. Everyone's situtation is different. Maybe the people that are telling you not to do it, have children and are struggling to care for them. They are bitter and think you will go through the same thing. If having a child is what you and your husband wants, that is all that matters. I wish you the best of luck.


*X* - November 15

To the previous poster - Have you done much travelling, particularly internationally? I know I've been going on about this quite a bit on this forum, but I think it's really important. If you haven't travelled much, I encourage you to do so before you have a baby. It's such an incredibly rewarding experience to spend some time in a culture that's different from your own, and once you've got children, that possibility will disappear for quite awhile. You certainly wouldn't regret it! (and perhaps you can do the baby-making while on vacation in some exotic land ;)).


Terra - November 15

HI confussed: I am 25 and on my second child, I had my first a little early *20* but if your where you want to be, financially, everything is good and this is what you and your husband want, then it's perfect. I don't beleive that you are too young..



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