Is 31 Too Old

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Mich - December 28

I am pregnant at 30 and will have my baby at 31. Is this too old? Statistically, what is a good age to have a baby?


Lexa - December 29

Gosh, I hope not. I have just turned 36 and only now do I feel ready for a baby and have I found the perfect man to have it with ;-) But seriously: I think you have the perfect (mental) age. The best physical age to have a baby, however, is between ages 18 - 22. Good luck!


kristina1980 - January 2

Hi, Ladies, I worked 2 years for a lady who had first child in 33 and second in 37. She was, and still is a good mom. I don't think any of you is old at all. And in this world I don't think statistics work so much. You might be healthier in your 20s but you might not be financialy and emotionally ready at all. good luck to you ladies.


Kristin11 - January 3

I think what ever age you are ready to have a baby at is the best age. You know when you are emotionally and finacially ready. My friend just had her 2nd child and she is 38 now. SHe decided to have kids when she was ready (i wouldnt say a child is ready ) but once you are of a adult age you'll know when the time comes.


sonia989 - January 8

Congratulations on your preg. 31 is definitely not too old! I'm 35 and having my first. I want to warn people, though that I had an awful lot of trouble getting pregnant because i am one of the 1/10 women over 31 who have 'decreased ovarian reserve' and I also had poor egg quality (common after 35). Anyone who is over 30 and wants a baby should know not to take it for granted that they can still wait. a few years They can get tests done to check the status of their ovaries and get an idea of how much time they have left. I was lucky I caught it in time cause if i had waited another year, it might have been too late. I had only about 1/4 of the egg follicles left in my ovaries and my doctor thought it was pretty miraculous i got preg.


lawlady72 - January 8

YIKES!!!! 31 too old??? Whew, is this what society is coming to, that over 30 is OLD. LOL I'm 34 and 8.5 weeks and as per doc, so far, so good.


Melissa30 - January 10

I have 2 kids from a previous marriage ages 10 and 8. I married current DH when I was 25. We started ttc on our wedding night. Well 4 yrs later I still had not gotten pregnant and I swore that once I reached 30 I would just give up and be happy with the two I had. I turned 30 on 8/16/06 and I am currently 24w 4d. My baby was conceived on 8/12/06. 4 days before my cutoff day. I had an appointment to get my tubes tied on 9/2/06 and I got my bfp on 8/30/06. Coincidence? I think not.


Melissa30 - January 10

What's even cooler is that the egg was fertilized on 8/12 but didn't inplant until 4 days later. My b-day.


volcomgurlie - January 12

LoL no you are NOT to old. Jeez more and more women are starting families at about 35 these days. Hey put it this way, if your still producing eggs than your not to old.


orchidmom - January 16

I guess it's not too old. 31 you will be mentally prepared for raising a baby.


erinsoul - February 1

I had my 1st at 31...and it was a very text book, easy going pregnancy. At birth (c-section) the doc found my placenta was slightly smaller than normal and my son was kinda skinny, but all tests on the cord blood and my son showed perfect health. The doc also commented during st_tching me that all my organs were very healthy. Now i'm 32 and pregnant with my second.


Bellasmomma - February 3

I sure hope not! think in your thirties depending on the person you are more mature emotionally to handle it!....I had my firat when I turned 32, and now my second is due right before my 35th birthday.......sometimes i wish I were in my twenties when I had my babies but I was way to immature and naive to do it.....


EricaLynn - February 8

If you look at statistics, younger is better. Early twenties is prime to have kids. I am 19 and just had my first. Everyone is diffrent though. If you feel ready, then its a good time for you. My mom was 36 when she had me 32 when she had my sister. And we are both healthy and were perfectly healthy babies. I dont think you are to old at all. When you are 60 then maybe yeah, thats a little too old!


dukeblue1212 - February 15

30 is the new 20! You are definitely not to old! I'm 30 and found out I am pregnant with my first child. The due date is the same say as my 31st birthday!


shellyrn - April 21

No! Not at all! I am also 31. I have two kids. (two girls 9 and 7). I want to get pregnant this summer. Once you get to that ripe ole age where they label you "high risk" or "advanced maternal age"--which is roughly 35 and over..then i would be more cautious. Good luck!


asummertyme - April 24

i think 31 is a great age..I am 31 and pregger now...and i am soo mentally ready..i think i will be a great mom..


angeev - April 24

I hope it's not too old. I'm 30 and 13 weeks along with a planned pregnancy but still don't feel mature enough, but I always said "by the time I am 30."



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