Is It Ok To Take A Bath

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dg1972 - April 25

I have heard that taking a hot bath is dangerous during any stage of pregnancy. Is this true? Can bathing be harmful to the pregnancy?


jnine29 - April 26

Not as far as i know ,may be you should ask ur dr b4 you have a HOT bath


Amanda18 - April 26

I have heard that HOT baths are dangerous during pregnancy. But I think I read that usually before the danger point the mother usually gets too uncomfortable and gets out. Dont make the water so hot to where your going to sweat or turn red. I'm not 100% though, you should call your doctor.


Evonna - April 26

Yes, it is okay to take baths. Baths does not harm the baby unless the water temperature is extremly high. Because hot water makes you have an miscarriage. Take bath that are warm, close to your body temp. and not over your body temp.


NessaAndJon - May 4

You can take hot baths ... just don't sit in it for too long. Enjoying a bath once in a while is good for you! :)


Olivene - May 6

My doctor (in Japan) said it is absolutely no problem. I find I don't want the water as hot as I used to, though.


Mandy1984 - May 6

Hot baths are usually ok, Its when you get closer to term that it is advised to keep the temp of th ewater down, I had a m/carriage in June 05 at 18.5wks and am pregnant again, As soon as I fell pregnant I was getting all the stories 'what NOT to do' and my friend told me that hot baths are bad during pregnancy, I asked my doctor and she said the only real risk is when in actual labour NEVER have a hot bath and also if a womans' waters break its not advised to have a hot bath


shesdymed - May 6

hot baths r fine, they usually speak about "hot tubs" bein in a hot tub for too long may over heat ur baby. don't make the bath sooooo hot i take baths just fine in hot water, [not actually completely hot] .


nikki_firstimepregnant - May 19

in a pregnancy book i bought it says that it is ok to take baths as long as it doesn't get too close to 102 degrees (which is hot tub temp). it also says that if you are going to take a hot bath do not stay in over 10-15 minutes because you do not want to dehydrate your body...thats bad for the baby. if you want a good book to read during pregnancy it is the complete dummy's guide to pregnancy and childbirth. it is a great book at a great price.


Chris23 - May 23

I asked my doctor this same question and she said that the danger is late in the pregnancy and due to the mucus plug. The hot water could cause the plug to disolve which would leave you open for infection from the bacteria in the water.


michelle003 - May 25

I wouldn't take a hot bath since it could raise your body temperture, and you can take a bath up until you start dialating, then you run into a chance of water getting inside.


corinne - May 26

When I was in labor with my dd the nurses stuck me in the bath that was about the same as you would take a normal bath. It wasn't as hot as a hot tub but it was up there. (this was at a hospital)



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