Is Weight And Issue

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Ana - August 9

Does my weight have anything to do with me not being able to get pregnant?


- August 9

it shouldnt, but u could always ask a dr. and see what he say


R - August 9

your weight may not be an issue when it comes to *getting* pregnant, but once you are pregnant weight is a big issue. Being underweight can be dangerous because you need to have enough body fat to support your changing body as well as your growing baby and being overweight can be an issue too, the best thing to do would be to speak to a Dr.


actually - August 12

being either overweight or underweight can affect your fertility..u should talk to ur doc about it though


bump - October 11



Felicia - October 18

YES! It is a fact that some overweight women have a tougher time getting pregnant, DUE TO WEIGHT. I'm not saying they can't conceive. It's just more difficult because weight effects the regularity of your periods, so you may never really know when you are ovulating. Also, sometimes in overweight women, they skip a month here and there making conceiving an incredible challenge. A friend of mine had weight loss suregery and her doctor specifically told her that she should get on birth control and be careful if she is not looking to have children because when an overweight woman looses weight, she does become more fertile. Also, being overweight can't be the healthiest thing while pregnant right??


Hmmm - October 18

I suppose it could be a factor. Then again, I weighed 184 and am 34 years old and got pregnant on the first try.


Kal - October 19

Ana, I know for a fact that being underweight has an impact on fertility. I have been anorexic since I was fifteen years old, and was told by my doctor that he wouldn't have expected me to have conceived. (I'm now on a programme for eating disorders, have a nutritionist and will be under consultant care for the duration of my pregnancy). I don't know as much about how excess weight affects fertility, but I know that it does. From what I can gather weight is only an issue if you are at an extreme, be it under or overweight. If you think it would be best to discuss this with your doctor, as you could then have expert advice on how to be healthy ready for when you do get pregnant. Hope this helps xxx



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