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mommy2be - October 7

I am 16 and i am pregnant. Before you try and become pregnant, you really need to think about what you are going to be able to give to your baby. Secondly, you need to think about your future. A baby is not something that you have for the first couple of months, when they are the cutest, and after that stage, just give them up and pretend you are not a mom any more. Being a mother is a life time commitment. It isn't a part time job. Baby's, yes, they are cute and fun to be around, but they do grow out of that state and i really believe that all of you, no mater at what age, really need to think about that. I am young, and i completely understand and you may be thinking, well she has no room to be talking, well actually, i do. I am young, but me and my husband to be are doing good. He has a stable job at a high-tech company and money Wise is going good. As for me, i am in rolled in a course, sort of like college, and I'm able to get my certificate at becoming a medical assistant in 5 months, then I'm going to be able to start working in a medical field from there. I am still in rolled in H.S but i am doing very well. I am stud-dying as hard as i could, and i am trying to be set on the goal to succeeding and graduating before my time is planed out for me. I have lived my life very differently compared to other young girls. I am not about the partying nights, about the drinking and living it up, i am very down to earth and very mature for my age and i think that before you " young" ones do in fact, try out for a baby, you need to think about your partnership that you have with your loved ones and need to think about you life in 10 years. Pregnancy is not as cute and happy as you all may think. Stop thinking about how " cute" you are all going to look when pregnant, but think about what is going to happen when you are not pregnant any more and are in fact, dealing with a new born that is sick and you all are having to stay awake for the hole night to make sure your baby doesn't stop breathing or having a baby with a high fever that constantly keep rising and then have your baby going into a concision. Think!


why - October 7

another one who got married young. what is going on here. how long have you been with your "husband"?


mommy2be - October 8

I understand that i am fairly young but that really was not the point in making my post!


Samantha - October 8

LOL mommy2be believe me they will focus on you being married young rather than praising you of going on and making something of yourself and actually being mature


JJ - October 9

i dont know what point ya tryin to make, but to me is sounds as if ur putting us young girls down and making it out like having a baby is a negative thing. yeh we all know its not all gravy and a bag of chips, but u should focus on bringing a new born life into this world. babies are beautiful no matter what, and yes they do grow, but thy are still guna grow up to be an achievable man or woman. plus i know ur down to earth and everything, but were young and we wna continue being young and dont wna liv oo old b4 our time u get me? but good for u that ur life is going the way u want it. good luck


mlc - October 9

its all about the age you are not stable at 14 15 an16 there are 30 yr olds who have a hard time what makes u any better?


amanda - October 9

Mommy2be, don't worry about them. Hold your head high and know that you are better then they think. Remember they don't know you, it really doesnt matter what they think of you. Goodluck!


mommy2be - October 9

To mlc, and every one else that when reading my post, all there thinking's are negative... What you really need to do is lay off the negativity. If you got a problem with my post, just a word of advice, build a bridge and get over it. I know that i am better then allot of older woman out there.( Because i am young and i am doing something with my life. I might have a baby to take care of in a couple of months but at least i know that i will, in fact, be stable enough) MY POST was mostly stated for the young ones that are already pregnant, to help them, and encourage them that they can make something of there life just like i am doing. I am proud of myself and that is all that matters, you are going to try and put me down asking what makes me so much better? Because I AM YOUNG but not sitting on my a__s not doing anything i am making a difference.


Carrie. - October 10

The point is,at 14,15,16,17,you are all young and not fully aware of life.At the age of 14,I was just starting to go out with boys,no way was I ready to settle down with them,and how I have matured,and my old schoolfriends,we have grown up.When you become a parent its not just when your periods start you ar ready,but you have to allow yourself to grow up 1st,not meet a man,quickly marry before you are ready then start on a lifelong commitment before you are fully ready.There are many mums I know who had their children young,too young,and the relationship did'nt last,ok yes,there are some that will,and its fair to say this could happen at any time,but there really is no need to rush in,as the song says "only fools rush in",get to know,and bond with the future babies father 1st,and trust me as you get older you will mature in your own mind,sometimes with experience perceptions change.


mommy2be - October 10

Thank you Carrie for your posting but i do not understand why your response to my posting could abt wat be at all related to what i am trying to say. I live my life very differently then you, and also including allot of girls out there. What we choose to do, is up to us. I am hear to state that i am truly young, but i have made a difference and i hope that to the ones that are already pregnant( not because they were really TTC) that they can make it in there life. You may say that i am too young, but obviously i am standing up to my responsibility and achieving my goals in life NO MATER at what age. So thanks for the response but i truly believe that that comment wasn't meant for my post. Thanks


Kimi - October 10

congrats!! and good luck. i am ttc and yes i have everything planned and my family is supportive. i am 17 by the waywell 18 in a week and my boyfriend is 25. we are so excited!!!


mommy2be - October 10

Kimi, that is awesome. I am glad that you have your family by your side. You are ttc right? I must say, it is a bit hard to get pregnant especially when you feel that it is right at your finger tips( as for me, i was not trying to get pregnant, at least just not yet) so if it doesn't happen as soon as you would of wanted it to, do not get your hopes down in the dumps. Everything will work out when it is suppose to. I truly believe that becoming pregnant, is a gift from god. You see allot of girls on top of there ovulation date and everything going well as they would of planed but do not end up pregnant as they hoped and dreamed, so if it doesn't happen as soon as you would think, don't panic, just live it in gods hands and he will take care of it for you and your hubbie. Good luck with everything and keep me posted


mlc - October 10

wel u should have expected to get negative words from people and btw your a child yourself what r u doing encourageing other youg kids to have babys what u want this world to be messed up and out of controll use birth control


mommy2be - October 10

To mlc, do you need help in comprehension? Who said that i was trying to encourage young ones TO BECOME pregnant? This is my quote copped SO i would advise to READ CAREFULLY: " MY POST was mostly stated for the young ones that are already pregnant, to help them, and encourage them that they can make something of there life just like i am doing." I, NO where, said for young ones to GET pregnant because YOU CAN MAKE IT! As you know, there are allot of girls in this world that are already pregnant and scared by peoples negativity towards them and what my post is stated for, is that even thought pregnant and young, do not get scared and feel that you are alone, just put your mind and effort to building goals for yourself, and you will achieve those goals. So please, don't question my doings and how i should use birth control because over all, i know that i am am going to get some where in life. I am stable( obviously that is why i am debating with you on how i am so much of a "child") i may be young, but the phrase " child " does not fit my personality so i would advice for you to reread my post, and my responses to others as they post there negative words towards me, and pick another calling for me. Call me young, because by all means i am young, but child, no where in any of my thinking's, that phrase could relate to me. Thank you very much for the time to read this post. Have any more you have to say, feel free to leave another post. Thanks


mlc - October 10

im just saying that if u are saying its not about the age than young girls will get the idea that they can do it not every one can if u can great but some ppl dont need a kid


Nicole. - October 11

I think Carrie's post was related to yours because you said about laying off being negative,is that right Carrie?I agree with your 1st post wholeheartily,saying how hard it is etc etc,I think there is a problem when the girls know that their parents won't get in a state if they got pregnant,it makes it too easy.When I was 14,15 etc,I would have been frightened to death if I got pregnant,because of my parents they would have been hurt,and ashamed,therefor the thought of sleeping with a boy had added strain.It was'nt as if they allowed a boy to go to my bedroom,etc etc.I think this helped.


2:carrie - October 11

omg i think im going to throw up ... carrie does not have a life ... it makes me so sick ... ignore carrie and onceagain if she comes on here



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