Lets Hear Some Of Teh Good Some Of The Bad

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skinnyminny - April 28

I am 18 and my fiance and I plan to start ttc shortly after we get married (sometime next yr or so). I know I'm young yet and I know we all have very strong opinions on the subject. I want examples of experiences both good and bad. It's funny that there are a lot more posts commenting on how a baby will ruin a young girls life, than how it may make it infinately better. I just basically want to hear a few good, a few bad. If you have a negative comment, add a positive one too. I really don't want to rush into this without being clear and level headed about the reality of the situation. That INCLUDES the happy things. Okay guys? Lets hear some sucess stories, some support, some encouragement, AND some warnings, and eye openers. That would be ideal.


Mommy - April 28

PROS to having a baby young: Helps you put things in perspective sooner, makes you more mature usually, it's fun to watch them grow, the love you give and get is amazing, you never get sick of hearing I love you, you never get sick of saying I love you, you are still young when your kids come of age, no one will ever love you and you will never love anyone like you love each other, and your child or children have a better chance of meeting granparents the younger you are. CONS: It's much harder to afford kids when you're young, the chances of you still being with your kids' father is less, you can't go off on your way ha__sle free, taking care of sick kids all night then getting up early sucks, all the normal childhood diseases suck in itself, seeing your baby get hurt at anytime is sad, and they are very, very expensive. Goodluck and I do not want to offend anyone at all, this is from my own personal experiences and friends and family. Just so you know, I am 18 and I have 2 kids and I am married to their dad.


frankschick2001 - April 28

I agree with the Pros that MOMMY posted, but sorry, those pros apply to older mothers as well! How can "never getting tired of hearing I love you" be a PRO for having a baby at a young age? OK, anyway....I think a PRO of having a baby young is....you probably have a lot more physical energy which always helps. You'll probably live to see your kids grow older, longer. CONS: Not having money of your own. Not having a job with REAL benefits for BOTH you and the baby. Daycare costs, I think the older you get, the more patience you have which is very important. You're just plain wiser. You've achieved and accomplished some personal goals. You may not need to rely on family and friends to provide daycare or money etc. You're chances of being in a stable relationship are better. You'll hopefully jus be a more intelligent and experienced person overall. Life experience counts for a lot when it comes to raising your kids. Also, I feel it is better for the child. When he or she grows up, it will embara__s them that they're mom is only so many years older than she is! But at 18, I think you can get away with that more so than a 15 year old. You can make your own decision, but I say you should wait.



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