Look At Other Cultures

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Jenn - October 12

some of you people say that us 16 y/o girls or older are to young look at other cultures when peopl are married with kids at 12 do you think that is wrong because that is their way of life so befor you say things think about the cultures you are saying are wrong because you are not just say thats its wrong for us you are saying its wrong for them to. i am a mother of a beutiful 2 y/o girl and would not give her up for the wrold ya i missed out on alot of things but i dont regret it one bit.


Kal - October 13

Jenn, I can see where you're coming from, but if you're going to look at other cultures you need to look at the big picture. Do the 12 year old mothers you speak of live in a comfortable environment? Are they able to provide for their children adequately? Which cultures are you referring to? Yes, there are places in the world where it's acceptable and even expected for young girls to have babies...but that doesn't mean that it is acceptable in our society. I'm glad you are happy with your life, and fair play to you for being content with what you've achieved. But in many cases teenagers don't have the maturity, life experience, financial capability or time to care for a baby. I'm not saying this is always the case, but it is a frequent occurance. Research into this, and other problems with teen pregnancy, is available on teenpregnancy.com.


Jenn - October 13

trust me i know all i need to about teen parents i have reserched it over and over again i know many teen parents and yes some people in others cultures dont take good care of them but that is kinda my point they dont and its ok for them and in out society most of us do that good care of out kids at what ever age we have them. i am one who dose a good job with taking care of my child i didn't have any help from my parents i had to leave school get a job now i am back in school part time and have a good job and still have tones of time for my little one all i am saying is that we are better at taking care of out kids than people form other cultures so why is it so wrong that we have them? again i am not saying it is right to have them at a young age but sometimes it happens.


Donna - October 18

Other cultures? I hate when people make those comparisons. If you think their way of life suits you then go live in the bush with them and see how you can handle it! This is not 'other cultures". In other cultures, the whole community helps take care of children. In other cultures the community educates their own, it doesn't cost $15,000+ a year for college in "other cultures" where girls are married amd pregnant at 12. Plus, girls in other cultures are taught how to take care of babies from when they are vaery very small. In this society, on the other hand, all children seem to be taught is how to whine about whatever it is Paris Hilton has that they want too. Teenagers here are way too immature and self centered. If they were not self centered as I believe them to be, then they wouldn't be thinking of having a baby! Considering motherhood at such a young age is SELFISH!!! Grow up already!


Jenn - October 18

your not reading all that i am saying i am NOT saying its ok for young girls to have kids but it dose happen for some people they didn't get much of i choice I didn't have a choice and i know at that time most people say get an abortion but i as many of my family and friend dont belive in it it is kill a child it is wrong and yes i know that we can give them up but that is really hard after caring the child for nine months and having it i come from a family with some adopted children so i know what thats like to so befor you juge me and others in my type of place maybe you should understan what we go through ok !


Agrees with Donna - October 18

I have to agree with Donna, the culture comparison was a stupid idea. I also think most of her response is geared towards teenagers getting pregnant on purpose when they are not mature enough or financially responsible to handle it. Sometimes things happen and unplanned pregnancies can happen that you have to deal with. I'm sure you will be a good mother. But to say it's okay for teenagers to get pregnant because other cultures do it is not a good a___logy.


HH - October 22

Most of the cultures where women have children so young are community-based cultures. These are cutures where the whole community, at least the extended family, cares for the children. These are cultures where no one is even taught to read. You do not live in one of those cultures. You live in yours!!!!


to HH - October 22

good explanation ! my compliments ... short sweet and to the point without being rude . to extend your statement a little some of those cultures do not teach children to read by choice and for reasons of the communities preferance .


HH - October 24

Thanks. I'm definitely not bashing any cultures! It's just not a reasonable argument. I could mention that the life expectancy in cultures where women have babies at twelve is usually quite low- definitely nowhere near that of the high-tech cultures we're all living in.


k - January 29

I understand about the whold culutrual difference thing because in my culture, there are some many young women getting pregnant and the older and wiser people are pushing more young girls to have children. I've already pa__sed the age of my culture to expect children, but I'm glad that I didn't listen to my elders because I wouldn't be as happy as I am now.


chandellina - January 30

i feel pretty confident saying that no 12 year old girl wants to be married, so i would say it is wrong to force children into marriage. pregnancy is also a trauma to a child's body before she has completed puberty. that said, maybe it isn't wrong to have a child when you are 16, it's more of a grey area whether you are a child or an adult at that age, but it certainly limits your options at a time when you are figuring out what to do with your education or starting out in a career.


to jenn - January 30

What were you trying to accomplish with this thread? Are you trying to say the adopted kids in your family had a bad experience? If so, what makes you think all kids have bad experiences?



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