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rose25 - March 17

My husband and I have been talking about ttc starting this summer. Sometimes he seems super excited about it, but a lot of times he seems like he's not so sure. I've tried to talk to him about it and sometimes he says he feels we're a too young (I'm 25, he'll be 27 this summer), but most of the time he says he is concerned about the finances. We both have good jobs and have gone through our budget to make sure we can handle it. We should have about $800-$1000 a month to spend on a child. I've asked him if he wants to hold off, but he always says no. I'm concerned he's saying that just because he knows I want a child. Do you think we're too young? Should we go ahead and start trying even though he only seems sure he wants to half of the time? How do I soothe his fears about our financial ability to take care of a child? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


im_danielle_hi - March 20

well my bf and i have the same problem only im 19 and he is 27 he says he isnt getting any younger and would love a child we got our own house but worried about the expenses of caring for a child i think we could be good parents. Just b4 xmas i asked him would he like to try and he said yes but then kept putting it off and on so i says to him well when your ready i am. so we had a chat with our parents and we are trying now dont worry about your age you say your 25 and he is 27 thats a repectable age to become parents and you say you got $800 - $1,000 dollars a month thats around £400 - £500 in british pounds which i personally think is plenty for a child each month and i like the way you worked that out i say go for it if everyone else can do it y cant you a child needs lots of love and care as well as money and i think you cud give it loads plus i got my mum and a big family circle for support do u? well hope all goes well with you if ya need to chat heres my email [email protected] good luck


rose25 - March 20

Danielle, thank you for your encouraging words. We don't have a lot of family living close by, but my parents are here (in the US). My husband's parents live in Switzerland, but come here several times a year. I'm sure we'll have all the support we need from our families. I know that we can do it, I just don't want my husband to feel like he's being pushed into it. I can't get a straight answer from him about whether or not he wants it right now. I finally just told him to let me know when he's ready. How long after you told your boyfriend, "when you're ready I am" did you guys start trying? Good luck and "baby dust."


im_danielle_hi - March 20

well i am in my second week of trying i think he said he was ready just 3 months after me suggesting so good luck to you and hopefully youll get your answer soon best of care if you wanna talk my email is [email protected]



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