My BODY Says Yes But My MIND Says No

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wishingforbaby - May 10

Hi, I am 27 yrs old going on 28 and for the past year have been obsessed about having a baby! In April of last year it was like boom- want to be pregnant now! It was like a switched was turned on and now its all i can think about. I have been dating my bf for 3 yrs and we plan to get married soon. I want to wait to have a baby until were married first and i believe he does too but I cannot tell my body to stop wanting a baby. We do not use birth control, except "the pull out method" and I secretly hope every month that i'll become pregnant. I don't go out of my way to try to get pregnant or trip him in anyway, just keep hoping an accident will occur. I think every sign is a pregancy sign...ahh! Just wondering if anyone else is going thru something similiar or if you've also had the switch just flip on and want a baby NOW... please share your stories!


autumn85 - May 11

well i am kinda going through the same thing. me and my bf have been together for a year but it seems like forever... i am 20 and he is 27. the past few months i have really been wanting a baby. i also am not on birth control but i have only been off of it for a few weeks. each month i didnt take it the way i should have and i also have been kinda hoping i would end up pregnant. we discuss having children all the time we are planning on getting married but just not sure when and i know he wouldnt mind having a baby right now either. we dont even pull out but so far nothing has happened. i guess i also just kinda hope an accident will happen and i will end up pregnant! i am hoping this month could be it! good luck to you!


Nory - May 11

Hi, I'm 27 going on 28 as well, me and my boyfriend have being together for 10 years!!! We moved in together 5 years ago, and yes las year it was like a switch when on and all I could think about was baby now!!, lol, around the same time my sister announce that she was pregnant and I'm so jealous because she was not even planning on it. Don't get me wrong I LOVE MY NEPHEW! but is just so painful, in February we decided to start trying and its being such a dissappointment to see that af is here, hopefully this month will be it. I think that after 25 your body is ready for baby so it lets you know.


Debrah - May 16

Hi! I know exactly how you feel. I'm 26 going on 27. Last year I fell pregnant, but we had a m/c a few weeks later. But since then it is like my biological clock is ticking. My mind knows that now is not the time to fall pregnant but my body feels differently.


AMS82 - May 21

Hey ladies- I am 23 going on 24 by bf is 28 we've been together for 5 years, engaged but no date. We just recently decided to to start to try for a baby i ended my pills after my af this month. He is also an insulin dependent diabetic which carries risks for male infertility, I hope were successfull as well as all of you..******BABY DUST TO ALL********


lilirenee - May 30

Getting pregnant is'nt always easy!!! your life changes before the baby is even here!! some girls are lucky and never get sick and then there are others that feel so bad they are not sure what they got thereselves into.... I'm 26 and i wanted to get preg more than my husband did now that i am i'm miserable but i am excited about the baby... also very scared because the responsibility is HUGE!!! i know that God will work every thing out and when it is His time for you to concieve you will!!! Good luck!!!


alreadymom1 - June 1

Oh, I so know how you ladies feel, only difference is that I already have 1, and swore right up until May that I didn't want another- he's now 5 years old and I'm 24...I feel like my whole life has been taken over by this wanting to be a mommy again feeling, everyday, every time I have a gap to think, that's all I think about - engaged, getting married in February, but trying now already..didn't take bcp after end of af on May 3rd, had breakrthru bleed on 10th, would have been due for af 28, but nothing..preg tests say BFN, and went for blood test yesterday but no news yet? I know how you all's actually terrible cause that's all I think about - driving me insane..



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