My Pregnancy Ages

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MommyAgain - May 3

My first born was at age 17, the second at 21, and I'm now carrying the third at age 38 :) My boys will be 17 and 21 when this little one arrives, so it will be quite the new experience for the whole family :) I don't think there is a "proper age" for anyone.. I think it's going to happen when it is meant to. I know that sounds simple, but I believe it. We are so very happy that we are expecting, and I think much more prepared financially, emotionally, spiritually, and in every aspect at the ages we are now. It was hard raising the boys at a young age, there were relationship and irresponsibilty problems on the part of the father and I ended up raising the boys alone. Not this time, I have the best hubby in the world :)


Jessy - May 3

Good for you!


Stephanie - May 3

Wow u r brave...almost got kids out of house and starting all over! Good for you! Congrats!


Jessica - May 21

I am now 17 and I am having my second child, who is going to be adopted.


lisa - May 21

Hi I'm 31 and on my 8th pregnancy. I had my 1st at 16 then 19,21,23,25,28,30. I too beleive it happens when it is meant to. All my children are fantastic. tiring but fun. I cant wait for the new arrival who by the way is due to make his/her appearance on christmas eve. CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL xx


to Lisa - June 15

Congrats!!!!!! I know how tiring it can be, but it is definately well worth it. It's quite amazing too, how quickly they grow. Best of wishes for a happy healthy baby.


sharon - June 15

Hi im also becoming a mother again my two are 18 and15 and we are now 18weeks. We tried for years to have a third but it didnt happen , then when we were resigned to having just the two guess what. It was hard having kids resonably young ,but i wouldnt swap it for the world. I was very lucky to have a great husband whom im still with, we only hope we will be just as good parents to this child. Circ_mstances make a difference when raising children but its not everything, i think any age parents can be good parents. Im a bit worried i have forgotten what to do but im sure it will come back. I hope you have a happy healthy baby im sure like me you will have more time and confidence to enjoy this baby good luck.Remember we also now have an advantage BABYSITTERS haha


Brandy - June 28

I'm 31 of age is that a good age to have a baby and what are the risks?


Claire - July 12

Congratulations! Good luck with your beautiful new baby! I had my children at 24, 26, 29, 31, and 34. Don't regret the timing of any of them though it was very hard work! My youngest is now 18 months old and don't think there will be a number six! Good luck to you and your hubby!



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