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Ready and Waiting - October 6

When i was 16 i found out i had a stomach disease. I was in and out of the hospital for 2 years. I had stomach surgery at 18. I graduated with high 90's and got a great scholarship. I never attended highschool, i homeschooled myself. A lot of people say that i didnt get to live through my highschool years the way i should have. I just laugh at them. I had so much responsibility at such a young age (60pills a day, take on a time schedule) Im 21 now and live with my fiance. We have a new house and our new minivan, he has a great job, i finished a year of college and work in retail. Now really im ready for a baby. No whos business is it to tell me that im too young? They dont know me, or how great my future husband is. Our families are respectable and have been saying that they would be happy with a grandchild/great grandchild. Im just saying that you are the only person that knows if you are ready to have a child. So if you have to ask a lot of strangers if you're too young...then you really should be i know who i am?


krob - October 6

I was 22 when I got pregnant with my daughter I was almost done university. my boyfriend and I got married when I was 6 months along. I don't regret my diecision to have a baby at all... I didn't finish university but I know I will be able to get a full time job when I am ready. Honestly I don't think any couple is ready for a baby but you adapt and learn everyday. I do feel a little left out as all the moms in my daughter dance cla__s are probably 5-10 years older than me but whatever when I am 40 she will be 18 and I will be able to enjoy my older years. As for all this talk of teenage pregnancy I don't recommend it but I have too many friends to list that had baby beofer they were 18 but most of them had family support, were wonderful mothers and dont regret their decision at all /.............



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