On Average How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant

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Kimberlee - July 1

Hi Lydia, I am 20 and my husband is also 20. I am 18wks2dys prego and it took us 1yr 4months to pregnant. It is different for everyone. Don't worry, it will happen when its ment to happen. I wish you and your husband the best. Just have a lot of s_x! hehehehehe : )


Michelle - July 6

everyone is different. My doctor told me about a year is average. It took me 11 months to get pregnant.


q - July 7

With my husband, it only takes about 2 minutes...LOL!


cottrell - July 11

Just like everyone has said everyone is different. I got pregnant the first time me and my boyfriend had s_x.


Chas - July 27

My husband and I have been trying for 8 months! we are both 30. It still has not happened! I went to the Dr. and he said everything looked normal. I dunno, we made love this month when I was suppose to be ovulating. I hope I don't get my period. If so, I think I'll try the basal temp to see if I am ovulating. I really don't feel any different at that time.


Rachel. R - August 9

it took my bf and i 3 weeks :) But with my previous bf, we had unprotected s_x for 4 years, and nothing. So I just think my ex was infertile. hehe..


denise - August 14

well i got married at 18, im currently 20 almost 21 it took us 2 years im 19weeks and some days.. expecting our first.....God has a plan for everyone


trish - August 17

Glad to hear that amount of time it's taking my husband and I to conceive is not out of the average ballpark. We've been trying for aprox. 5 months and nothing yet. I'm old, though, 34, wish us luck!


sshore - August 17

I'm 35, been trying for 2 months and nothing. I have friends, my age, who got pg the 1st time around and others who are having a tough time getting pg. I took time to go to college & grad school as well as travelling and having two careers. I'm afraid that it may be too late for me. I'm very nervous. Good luck!


Emily - August 18

Im 21 and I just found out I was pregnant and this was our 6th month trying-actually the first 5 months we tried really hard always being really careful to have s_x when we were ovulating and stuff this 6th month I just decided to relax and not worry so much about getting pregnant and just make love-guess what we got pregnant-my advice is just relax!


Becky - August 20

Unfortunately, we can't pinpoint it. I wish we could. I got pregnant at 22 after trying for 4 months. We "did it" every other night that last month and it worked for us. Now, ten years later I'm ready again. It has been 6 months and nothing. It's hard not to worry. At 22 I knew I had lots of time, but now time has started ticking. And I had twins the first time, so you would think I'm fairly fertile. It's all in God's hands.


Little L - August 25

I have six friends who recently got pregnant or gave birth, and five of them got pregnant in the first month of trying!! From what I've read, most healthy couples take over six months to get pregnant. However, with my friends finding it so "easy" to get pregnant, I find myself worrying because I didn't get pregnant in my first month! Thanks for all the kind words regarding God's plan for us all... I just have to learn to relax and not worry about it.


Kathryn - August 25

It took me about 3 months. We took a horrible trip for our first anniversary. There wasn't much to do but one thing!!


Latisa - August 26

I can't say about average but it was not even a month into the relationship before I got pregnant with my son


D - August 30

i heard after have relations it can take up to 17 day to get pregnant and wait 2-3 weeks for the test to give a stabile result,... GOOD LUCK


Annie - August 31

Hi everyone, i got pregnant first try, i'm 24 and because i have endometriosis i was told that it may be difficult for me to get pregnant. I just want other people with endometriosis to not lose hope and be convinced that you will have difficulty getting pregnant, because it can happen! :) I also got told that endometriosis can cause recurrent miscarriages, but i am now 13 1/2 weeks in my first pregnancy and everything looks good. Good luck everyone trying to have a baby :)



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