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m - October 16

My opinion on best age is different. As far as health issues goes I think from 21-26 is the best age. But some women are yet very iresponsable at this age and like me I'm 21 and very responsable. I would say though that there is a too young and there is def a too old. i think allot of the women on here are bashing girls for being too young and having babies. Well I just think that 35 and older is way too old to be having babies too


misti - October 16

what about adoption?


Jennifer - October 18

Lets hear you say that 35 years old is too old to have a baby when you are 35! I am 31 (be 32 this week) and pregnant for the very first time. I think that I probably had a lot more energy at 24 or 25, but I also had a lot LESS patience AND money. So I think the late 20's to early 30's is the perfect age for having a child. But I do NOT think 35 is too old at all!!


m - October 18

Jennifer. Well I'm happy for you on having a baby. I'm not saying that I think 35 is an old age or anything. And maybe yes in your mind and security you are more stable. I'm saying as far as health goes. And doctors actually say the best age health wize is between like 18-26 or something


anita - October 18

i don't think that 21 is too young, but i'm glad i waited 'til i did. i feel like your 20's should be spent figuring out who you are, and developing yourself. i had alot of fun in my 20's and now i feel i'm ready to be a mom. once you become a mom,you stay one for the rest of your life (hopefully). i'm 29, and until now i've lived my life for me, now i'm ready to dedicate it to someone else.


soleil - October 18

I think best age to have a baby is in your 20's to early 30's. Thats just my opinion.


Bonnie - October 19

It's not so much health-wise M, it is that women are more fertile at that time. They don't recommend screenings for health issues like Down's until after age 35, and even the risk is small. I think after 40 it rises pretty dramatically though. After the age of 25 or so, your chances of conceiving are supposed to drop. Then again, at age 34 I got pregnant on my first attempt, lol. (I also got pregnant at age 18 when a condem broke.) I guess fertility really depends on the person.


to m - October 19

I can't say I disagree ... you probably are exactly right and correct on everything including best age , too young and too old . there isn't anything wrong with older or younger but I still agree for many many reasons ... I am older just curious how old are you ?


m - October 19

I am almost 22 and 2 days over due with ny first



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