Over 30 Did It Take A Long Time To Conceive

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Daisy Jean - May 21

Moms who had babies over 30, Can you tell me how long it toook you to conceive and what age you were when you got the good news. I'm wondering if it will take longer because I'll be 33 when we start trying. Thanks in advance!


Lizzy - May 23

Hi, I had my first at 30 and I got preg. on the third month of trying. Most people where I live don't even have kids til their late 20's into 30's. Good luck! You are still young!!!!


Daisy Jean - May 23

Thanks, Lizzy! May I ask where you live? I'm happy to hear it happened quickly for you!


Mimi - May 24

I am 34 and we tried for 6 months, only once a month did we have unprotected s_x. So tech. we only did it 6 times before I got pregnant.


maddie - May 24

So glad to hear that there is hope! I'm 31 and tts #1. This will be my second month


Daisy Jean - May 25

Good luck, Maddie! 3rd month for Lizzy and sixth time for Mimi. Heck, that sounds great!


Harris - May 25

I am 30 and pregnant for the first time. It took about 6 months! :)


Audrea - May 25

I am 30 and also pregnant for the first time. My husband and I have been having unprotected s_x for 8 months and thought if it happens, then great. We weren't actually trying on specific days, but thankfully did conceive.


lynnstress - May 28

I'm 38 and 12 wks pregnant with our first. We tried for 3 years before we finally got pregnant. I was ready to start calling around about infertility just before I found out I was pregnant. Sorry, but you asked!


Daisy Jean - May 28

Congrats to all of you! Lynnstress, I did ask and I wanted the truth. Thanks. Did you try something different that resulted in your good news?


dee - May 29

It took me 3 mnths-what helped for me was writing down every month when i got my menstrual cycle so I could roughly calculate when I wld ovulate-once i had a bit of an idea-I started taking preganncy vitamins and the next mnth I was pregnant.I'm 32 and 5 mnths pregnant. The doctor also suggested to me not to have s_x every day-but to leave it for approx 3-5 days so the sperm matures.Have a chat with your local doctor I'm sure he'll give you some suggestions


To Daisy Jean from lynnstress - May 31

Daisy Jean, I really think why I got pregnant is because of no stress. I'm not working, and I know the 2 possible dates I got pregnant, and it was either right before or right after I went on a week's vacation to Las Vegas with my mom and sister! And we drank the whole time. My husband says "Looks like you DID get lucky in Vegas!"


Kelli - May 31

Hi! I am a month from turning 35. My husband and I decided to try and have our 4th child, my youngest is now almost 8! I conceived naturally after only 2 months. I did however go to the Dr. and get a thorough exam, he gave me a clean bill of health and I called him 3 weeks later after my blood test came back POSITIVE!!! So, it can happen! GOOD LUCK!!!


Elizabeth - May 31

Hey Daisy Jean! My first was born when I was 31. I am 34 and pg for the third time with what will be my second child. I mc'd this past december. We had tried for 3 months before conceiving that one but lost it early. My doctor checked my progesterone and gave me a thumbs up in April and the next ovulation we succeeded with only having intercourse one time! All those months we did it time and time again. I agree to give your man's sperm a break but only one day. Have s_x every other day during your fertile week and you should have success within 6 months, so say the odds. Try looking up info on natural conception, by charting your temperature, cervical fluid and cervical position. When you are close to ovulation and get a creamy, egg white, stretchy cervical fluid, you are fertile as you can be so do it! Good luck! Oh, by the way, my sister was 39.5 when she conceived identical twins (no fertility drugs), and only tried 1 month! That is hope for all women out there waiting later to have children. Good luck to all!


klm - June 2

My good friend went off the pill at 32 and conceived the FIRST MONTH! Don't worry! 30 is not old to have a baby, it just seems that way because of all the pregnant 14 year olds on this forum.


Daisy Jean - June 2

Great! I'm thrilled with all of the answers. It seems like mostly good news! We are going to try next Spring- my husband insists on waiting until then. 10 months to go. I can't wait! Lynnstress, I heard that a little vacation can do wonders. If we have any trouble, we'll try that! Good luck to all of you!


SeaRune - June 2

My second child was conceived when I was 31. One time we didn't use protection and BAM! Pregnant. This time with my third I am 35 and we decided to try and it only took three months. So it doesn't seem like it takes very long no matter your age.



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