Over 30 Did It Take A Long Time To Conceive

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SeaRune - June 2

My second child was conceived when I was 31. One time we didn't use protection and BAM! Pregnant. This time with my third I am 35 and we decided to try and it only took three months. So it doesn't seem like it takes very long no matter your age.


maddie - June 2

Everyone here is giving me such hope.....it gets frustrating. I aam 31 ttc my first and feel like its not going to happen. DH and I have been bd everyday..I know its not good but :))) we have always used condoms so this is a treat..lol....good luck to all


JenniferB - June 4

I was 32 when we started trying for a baby. I conceived the first month we tried. We bd about 10 times in three days though. :0) My husband was incredibly happy and was a little dissappointed that he wouldn't get to try again the next month. lol


cindy - June 4

I was 30 when I conceived and it only took me 4 weeks! I was shocked!! Hope this helps!!


maddie - June 5

What's all of your secret..lol. This is my second month ttc and dh and I have been bding everyday in hopes. Please throw some of that babydust my way


Daisy Jean - June 5

Don't worry, Maddie! I think I will be obsessed once we actually try so I understand where you are coming from 9 umm.. I'm on this website now- that should be a clue!) 2 months isn't so long. Focus on being healthy and romantic. It will happen. Don't psych yourself out. Baby dust! Ladies, thanks for all of your encouraging stats. I hope it happens that fast for all of us!


Julie - June 5

I was 31 when I first conceived. I was almost 33 when I conceived a second time. Now at 34, almost 35 I'm trying for a third.


Rene - June 6

Hi there...I just turned 33 two weeks ago and found out last week that i was 5 weeks pregnant. I've been off the pill for a year, but we just started trying seriously two months ago. Good luck!!!!!


gt - June 6

Hi i am 30 yrs old. Just got married last yr. Jan. We havn't been trying very seriously but have been doing it during my fertile days. i.e 3 to days a week. No luck yet. I feel that maybe i am ovulating bit early as i detected cervical mucus from 7th day and lasts till 10th 11th day. and from the books Dr's say to try from the 10th to the 18th day of cycle. Am bit confused wht to do.


Anonymous - June 15

I turned 37 in April. We started trying for a baby in January, and I conceived late February. (Only one week after period.)


Brian - June 16

We(DW and I) started trying over 2 years ago...she was 30 at the time, she just became pregnant about 12 weeks and 3 days ago...when she is 32....so, it took us trying for over 2 years....but there was some techincal diffuculties involved...so we are NOT the norm...


gtt - June 16

i am 30yrs, no luck yet. we r just doing casually but . Tried 3 times a wk for fertile period butno luck yet...i can understand Maddie's frustration. Don't know y it'snot also happening to me so easily. Help anyone.??


maddie - June 16

Hi gtt! I'm still waiting but have actually been pretty calm? lol...I have a feeling I am not preg this month, after the last I got my hopes up so I am a bit pessimestic now. It is hard b/c we all want it so much, yet it seems like it will never happen. Good luck


hi Maddie - June 16

yep same here. i think when opes r high, then it is less likely to happ. Just started my cycles. I was hoping something might have happ since i was inti 30 days into cycle and late..


Bree - June 22

I'm 36. I got off the pill and was pregnant within the month. I wasn't trying to get pregnant. I have pcos and didn't think I would period. It was easy for me.


Deb - June 22

Maddie, I'm right along with you. I'm 32, going into my second month of TTC, Darn AF reared her ugly head early this month. Now I don't know how many days my cycle is and when I will ovulate. We're going to BD every other day for the month, and maybe every day during when I "think" will be my "o" time. It is very frustrating. I've heard that stress plays a huge factor, so I am determined to not get worked up over it (even though it is hard). Go treat yourself to a pedicure and go out for lunch with your friends. Lots of babydust to you and cross your fingers for me!!!



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