Over 30 Did It Take A Long Time To Conceive

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Deb - June 22

Maddie, I'm right along with you. I'm 32, going into my second month of TTC, Darn AF reared her ugly head early this month. Now I don't know how many days my cycle is and when I will ovulate. We're going to BD every other day for the month, and maybe every day during when I "think" will be my "o" time. It is very frustrating. I've heard that stress plays a huge factor, so I am determined to not get worked up over it (even though it is hard). Go treat yourself to a pedicure and go out for lunch with your friends. Lots of babydust to you and cross your fingers for me!!!


kmacsouris - June 23

For my 3rd child it took 3 months and for my 4th child it took 2 months after I finished BFing. I will be 33 this year and DC #4 is due in Feb 2006


Nat - June 26

Hi, concieved in about 2 mos (wasn't trying) Will be 31 when I deliver. So far feeling good.Only 3 mos to go!


P - June 26

Hi there. I got pregnant without trying on Feb. 27th of 2004 but unfortunately had a m/c in April. I got pregnant again in June of 2004 (we were trying that time) and am holding in my arms my perfect little girl. I was 33 when we conceived and 34 when I gave birth. What we did was have s_x every other day and it worked great!! Good luck ladies!!


Allison - June 27

I just turned 32 and found out about 2 weeks before my b-day. I was off the pill for 5 months, but we were "actively" trying for 3 or 4. I am 7 weeks pg today. Good luck!


gt - June 27

yes i heard trying to do onalternative days helps. Does anyone think they are ovulating early,cos i feel that i am. They say try onfrom 10th day onwards till 18th..this is when u will most likely to concieve.


maddie - June 30

gt...I also am ovulating early this month, I can tell b/c I get little twinges and have been temping....early O I hope turns into early BFP


maddie - July 1

hi Maddie, i feel i am ovulating ealy due to cervical mucus. From 7th day. By 10th or 11th day. All is clear..does this mean i am ovulating. Usually this is expected around 12th till 14th when conception shud happ right?bit confused here. As Dr say to try from 10th day...hmm...


MINDY - September 25

VERY QUICK. I'M 30 and got pregnant the month after I quit the pill. I had been taking the pill since I was 20!


sherry - October 8

took 3 1/2 yrs, and iam 30 now, but 29 when i got pregnant. it's all about timing really. i think we just weren't planning it out perfectly, and we did use infertility means, though there wasn't anything found out to be wrong with us. fertility is not just about age, infertility can affect anyone, at any age, so it's hard to answer your question, without giving a very broad scope of answers. iam sure it will happen soon, if it still hasn't already! been there, so i understand. hugs, sherry ps- now that iam 30, i hope it doesn't take another 3+ years to concieve again. yikes!


Bonnie - October 8

34 and it took me one time. I also got pregnant at 18 when a conem broke on me, lol. I must be super fertile I guess. :P


masjls - October 9

Hi, good news is that at 33 you are not too old to start trying...I turned 31 this year, yet we were successful at the very first time! I am now almost 6 wks pg!!! Good luck!


carrie - October 10

36,waited a very time before I decided that ok,I was ready,he'd been ready for probabally what seemed to him a lifetime.We got pregnant in the 1st mth,I picked a month we tried a few times,and bingo,had the baby at 37.


Tanya - October 26

Hi, I'm 33 and pregnant for the first time. We tried for at least a year. But my best friend who's the same age got pregnant her first month trying. Good luck!


helen - October 27

I'm 30 and have been trying for 5 months after being on b/c for 5 years no luck yet but heres hoping !


jujuz - November 14

hi, im 4 weeks preg and only started tryng last month and im 33! my sister was exactly the same, i dont think at 33 ther will be any difference-you are still young!



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