Over 30 Did It Take A Long Time To Conceive

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jujuz - November 14

hi, im 4 weeks preg and only started tryng last month and im 33! my sister was exactly the same, i dont think at 33 ther will be any difference-you are still young!


Lin - November 14

Hey jujuz, I hope I'm as lucky as you! I'm 33, and I just went off the pill and am right around O time at the moment. Hubby and I have been trying diligently, so wish us luck! This will be #1.


Missy - November 14

We got pregnant the very first time we tried. We used an at home ovulation kit (costs about $16.00). they are as easy to use as an at home pregnancy test. I am 32. This was our first pregnancy.


Lin - November 14

I don't really see the point in these OPKs. Why not just try ever other day and every day around O time? It's certainly much more fun than trying once a month at the appointed time!


Monique - November 14

I got pregnant at 33 AND 34 WITHOUT trying!! Well, we had unprotected s_x, but no temp charting etc.... GOOD LUCK!!


sarah - November 17

i got pregnant in sep 05 and then had a miscarriage at 4 weeks. then i got pregnant again oct 05 and am in my 6th week. it has oviously not taken long for us


old and happy - November 21

I concieved my first at age 39. After 20 years on the pill it took only 7 months to get pg. I am 41 and trying for 2nd. It is seeming to take longer now. Been ttc for 11 months now with no luck..but have fingers crossed.


Julybaby - November 25

I got pregnant on 1st try and I just turned 35. Good luck to all!


Daisy Jean - December 1

I originally posted this question. I just found out I'm pregnant ahead of schedule. I'm 32. First time we risked it near the right time. No problem for us. Good luck to everyone else, too.


akb - December 7

I'm 30 and in my 8 month ttc. I've charted everything and used OPK's and we've our BDing is very well timed, but still no luck. If it doesn't happen this month, I'm going to check in with the Dr. but they say you aren't officially infertile until you've been trying a full year.


Marie - December 9

Congratulations Daisy!!!! I'm 32 and pregnant for 7 weeks. My hubby and I got pregnant the first time we timed it using an ovulation kit.


to Daisy Jean - December 9

I'm having my first child at 30, and all it took was not using condoms ONCE. Some are more fertile than others, no matter your age. I know 20-year-olds who had a much harder time getting pregnant.


eileen - December 10

Hi- 38 when concieved 1st child on 1st try! Concieved 2nd in a month as well but had a m/c . WE will see this month! Your young!


Ames - January 5

Wow seems like everyone got pregnant pretty fast. We've been trying for over 1 year now and nothing. :-( It's so frustrating.


Frances - January 6

Well, not quite 30, but come from a long like of over-30-first-time-moms and I just want to wish everyone the best of luck. So many women have great pregnancies over 30 and I don't think it is quite as big a deal as everyone would have us believe. Praying for all of you, pregnant or not (yet!!) Baby dust!!


Parul - March 21

I am 34 now. and TTC for #2. For our 1st, (I was 32)we got pregnant on the pill, a definite surprise, but a definite delight. We are now on our 10 mth TTC and no luck yet.



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