Over 30 Did It Take A Long Time To Conceive

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Parul - March 21

I am 34 now. and TTC for #2. For our 1st, (I was 32)we got pregnant on the pill, a definite surprise, but a definite delight. We are now on our 10 mth TTC and no luck yet.


kali - March 23

I actually got pregnant faster when I was over 30! With my first one I was 20 and had never been on any birth control and we tried for a whole year before I got pregnant. This one, I am 34 and it only took 5 months and I was on the pill and not trying! Of course it could also be because of a different dad this time - I guess you never know.


KristyE - March 24

I am 30 and got pregnant the first month! My sister got pregnant in the first month to when she was 33. You're still young!!!


Linda75 - March 29

I'm 31 and we've been ttc for 5 months. I was temp charting but have stopped for now - maybe you can try to hard ! It does feel like it will never happen and it is hard not to become obsessed.


Erynn21 - April 1

I was almost 31 when we started "trying" and got pg on our first month. I have friends younger than myself who have tried but haven't been able to concieve, which is not necessarily their problem, could be the man's. Don't worry and hey it's not the worst thing to keep doing.


Daffy - April 26

I'm 37 and in my 2nd pregnancy. We got pregnant right away at first, but I had a m/c at 8 weeks. (I think it was partially due to lots of stress and bad nutrition at the time, although it could have been anything.) After 6 months of taking care of myself, we got pregnant again while "taking a break from trying" lol! The best thing is to try not to stress about it, and just let things happen. I'm 12 weeks now!


shedmonds - June 27

Hi there, we too are ttc but nothing first month. My cycle came early 24 days (range from 24 to 32), so the first time we did it was the only instance we had to conceive. We hadn't done it for 3 weeks before that, and I read that sperm quality diminishes if the man doesn't ejaculate every 2/3 days. Will have to start doing it sooner in the cycle. My first was conceived after 2 months of trying at age 30 when i was extremely stressed out at work, so stress doesn't necessarily hinder you, it just feels like it does. I had an emergency c section after 54 hours in labour and have concerns about implanation problems with scarring.


momtwice - June 27

I wonder if Mimi is still around...she posted in 2005 and I am reading in 2007 and wondering why she did it that way...only one day a month unprotected? I am 30 and thinking of TTC at 31 for my 3rd.


MaddiesMom - July 3

I was 33.(Actually, 4 weeks shy of 34) I bought an ovulation kit. Waited the 13 days to use it, and got pregnant on the 14th day! Good Luck!!!


Sonrisa - July 6

I got married Feb. 06. We tried for the first time in June and got pregnant the week that we tried. We now have a 3 mth old son. He is so precious. We were very lucky. I guess it took us so long to find our true love that the pregnancy part came easy. I got pregnant at age 35 my husband is 40.


cakegirl - July 13

I'm 30 and 2 months away from giving birth. I got pregnant VERY easily - while using condoms!


scubakitty - July 27

I'm 32 and it took...well... one weekend. But I think I'm super fertile as well. Apparently it runs in my family - this fertility thing. But I'm glad to hear that there are lots of women having their second or third into their thirties. I have a bit of catching up to do (I'm just saying this because I'm not feeling nauseous right now :D).


CT - March 3

I am 31, trying for about a year now. Initially, my gyna asked me to BD around middle of my cycle. tried that for about 6 months, without luck. Read about BBT and started charting for about 8 months now. Found out that the middle of the cycle was not exactly the same day I am actually ovulation. We started BDing every day during the peak time, nothing happened. For the past 2 months we started BDing every other day. Hope this month is lucky for us. Yeah, its very frustrating. If nothing happens probably it will be time for us to see a doctor. DH (33) and I wanted to try it naturally without chemicals. Everybody out here, pls pray for us and all the others who have been TTC for a little one. Baby dust to all trying hard, B+..


MissAmy - March 3

Wow it does seem like everyone gets pregnant fast. We have been trying for almost 5 years now and nothing .. and it's not due to lack of 'practice'. We've both been checked out and all is well, we have a great relationship and no stresses but I don't know what it is ... it's just not happening. :-(


PinkAmerican - June 30

My experience is a mixed bag. At 29 I stopped using the Pill, but we still practice BC until I was 31. The first night we decided to try (and I felt like my body was friendly if you know what I mean), I fell pregnant. That was crazy because I'd literally never had non-unprotected s_x (of some sort) in my life before then. The pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage with a blighted ovum. We mostly ttc for the next 6months, but nothing happened and I was going insane with PMS (which I NEVER had before) that mimicked being pregnant. I went back on the pill for 3 months, then got off and we tried for 3 more months. NOTHING. Then we stopped trying altogether because it was causing stress and other stuff was going on. A year later (now 33), we decided we might try again. The first time we had s_x after that, whammo, I was pregnant. I'm 11wks 4 days now and there really is something growing inside (early US). IDK why this happens so easily for some and not so for others. It's a mystery. It was easy and not easy for me at the same time. I will say, after the first time, I started taking my temp and it told me something about my body. My luteal phase was never more than 11 or 12 days. NEVER. So everytime I 'thought' I was pregnant before day 11, as soon as day 12 or 13 rolled around my AF came. That made me insane, but I should have taken more comfort in that bit of knowledge. However, having taken my temp regularly for two years also made me VERY familiar as to when I ovulated and THAT bit of info is key for optimal chances. I know they say 24-72 hours, but think of it as less if you're having problems. Also, lots of ladies have success with Ovulation prediction kits too. Good luck to all, because that's sadly what it seems to boil down to.


Bajanbeauty33 - June 7

OMG i though i was the only one going thru this. we have just started about a month ago to concieve and he is stressing me out behind this. I am 34 yrs of age with one child already. Im glad that i have found this sight. This gives me hope : )



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