Pergnancy At 43

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worthygirl - January 28

I am 43 already have (2) kids from a previous relationship ages 23 and 21, I am now married and want's to have a child for my husband but I ma unsure since I've heard about so many risk,I very healthy, excercise a lot have no health complications what should I do


pgat40 - February 4

Hi, worthygirl! I had my 1st child at 40 after being told for 15 years that I would NOT ever get pregnant. My health is pretty much average, but due to genetics, I have had high blood pressure since I was 17. At 40, my body LOVED being pregnant--my blood pressure went DOWN to normal & remained low while I was pregnant. We decided to have an amnio done so if there was a genetic issue like Down Syndrome, we could prepare ourselves to handle any special needs after the baby was born. All was ok & we asked that the baby's s_x not be revealed to us because we wanted that to be a surprise. Our little boy was born healthy & my husband has commented that he would like to KEEP me pregnant because I felt so good during the entire pregnancy! Since you are very healthy & if your doctor thinks it is okay, GO FOR IT! Good luck! I will be watching for updates!


aelliott - February 4

My mother-in-law was in her forties when she had her last child, who aside from having an annoying and persistent case of baby-of-the-family-itis is perfectly healthy. Check with your docs and go for it.


worthygirl - February 5

To the (2) persons who answered my question thanks, consulted my gyno. and I got the all clear except for one thing I have to get my blood pressure down,any way i hope by May I should be telling you guys I am on my way to being a mummy once again since my kids are all grown and my husband and I are home alone this should be fun. thanks


pgat40 - February 5

Good luck on getting your blood pressure down & hopefully you will become pregnant soon thereafter!


corriene - April 27

Hi there, I was so pleased to read your wonderful story and you have made me cry and I still am crying as I am writing this. My mane is Corriene Thomas and I just turned 30 and I have no children.but wolud like to as soon as my Fiance tries to get his stay in London and I dont know how long that will be, but im worried, as I very much so want children and I am a virgin and I know this might be strange. Me a 30 year old Virgin. I hope to have children later on when we sort things out. Im very healthy and fit and im hoping that you could tell me if late 30's is ok to start for a baby? Thank you for sharing your story, as you have made me feel hopefully. Best wishes to you and your husband. God Bless. Thank you.


pgat40 - May 5

Hello, Corriene! Your message was in my spam folder and I just found it today. Thank you SO MUCH for your reply & best wishes! Please know that I hope everything goes well for you & your fiancé! KEEP THE FAITH! So far as starting to try having a baby in your late 30s, you need to take excellent care of yourself, see your healthcare provider regularly, and follow their guidance. Little did I know when I was writing my posts on Feb. 4th & 5th that I would find out in March I am pregnant AGAIN at 41…UNBELIEVABLE since I thought for 15 years before our son was born in 2007 that I could not get pregnant! I will be 42 in June & the baby is due in October/November! I am in my 13th week now & everything is going fine. Take care, thank you again for your reply & I hope to hear from you again!


Krissy68 - May 29

Hey ladies I would like to join you. I'm not pg yet but I am trying I will be 41 on Wednesday. pgat40 - Congratulation!!!! I am so happy for you. When is your birthday? Mines is Jun 3. Talk to you soon. Krissy68


Floricica - May 31

You are probably able to have a child, but there are more risks with having children as you get older. The child has a higher risk of having complications. But I think that now a days doctors are very very advanced and they will take extra care of you during your pregnancy. Might as well try it if that what you and your husband want.


pgat40 - June 1

HI, Krissy68! Happy EARLY birthday! Mine will be June 24th.--THE BIG 42, YEAH!! Things are still going well as I start my 17th week. On Friday, I had the amnio...results will not be back for approx 3wks. All looked fine on the ultrasound. Among the pics on ultrasound, we have 2 of the feet & 1 "thumbs up". My first little guy mostly just showed us his profile & this baby looks a lot like him on profile shots. I wish you the best as you try to get pregnant--how long have you been trying? Hope to hear from you soon!


Krissy68 - June 2

Floricia - Thank you for your advice. I had my last daughter at the age of 36 and everything was okay just that I develope high blood pressure and she was born at 3 weeks but that was it they just went ahead an induce we a week early. I just stayed 2 days in the hospital because my blood pressure wasn't coming down fast enough but I told them I needed to be getting home my kids have school on Monday it took a little while but he went back to normal so everything is all good. pgat40 - Thank you for the birthday wish!!!! How are you feeling. I know with my last baby I got a amnio because of my age and I wanted to know what I was having I really wanted a boy but ended up with my 4th daughter. I know everything will turn out perfect so don't worry or stress out about it. Are you going to find out what you are having? Thank you very much on the well wish. I have now been trying for 2 years come tomorrow. If you ever want to email privately we can cause I always check them daily. I will not be on tomorrow so don't think I ignoring the reply I will be back on Thursday. I do have a question for you. Can I ask you something did you take any meds? Talk to you soon!!! Take care and please rub your belly for me. Krissy68


Floricica - June 4

Sometimes blood pressure is a problem, but I think that you can control it by limiting things that cause blood pressure. I remember when I was pregnant, I was constantly checked for blood pressure. It's not just the baby that doctors worry about. It is the mother as well because babies tend to suck out everything that is good in our bodies.


worthygirl - June 5

Well I don't have to tell you guys my patience is running out now, I so hoped to be growing with baby fat by the end of may. I stopped contraception since February I do not know if I will try for to much more months I think I will give it till the end of July and then give it up if nothing happens.Two (2) of the girls at my office is almost due to have there baby and there is so much baby talk that I find myself getting more depressed, well I am still open I will let you guys know how things go.


Krissy68 - June 5

worthygirl - How are you doing? If you don't mind me asking how old are you? I just turned 41 on June 3 and I have been trying for exactly 2 years now and as of right now I am not giving up my new doctor told me if I am not pg by July to come back and see her and we will go from there. I have went and seen a RE on March 2 and he wanted me to go straight to IVF but I told him No I can't afford that and I know there are other options. I know my left tube is closed because I had a HSG done and I have a lot of scar tissue and fibroids so he is going to do a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and try and unblock the tube clear out the scar tissue and fibroids then I will try again on my own then try and do a IUI but my insurance will not cover this procedure so I need 1,175.00 that would be my co-pay so I am still trying to get the money together so maybe by the end of summer. I will keep you posted on my process. Have you seen a doctor? Have you had any test done on you or your husband? Please whatever you do don't give up. Thinking about you girlfriend!!!!!!! Have a good weekend. Krissy68


Floricica - June 7

The problem is is "trying" You need to not be "trying" Just dont use birth control and have s_x whenever u do naturally. Planning the s_x and planning the days when to have s_x is just going to make ur body all nervous and then you wont get pregnant. Also, Not sure bout the states, but in Canada, the doctors make you wait a year of trying before they check for problems. It's not always easy to get pregnant. Dont give up that easily.


worthygirl - June 8

Thanks my friend and think you are right I need to stop trying and just relax, it's nice to be intouch with people like you guys at these times of our life, I think more so because I did not want to compramise my freedom I was looking for excuses, but I will not give up, Thanks again God Bless


worthygirl - June 8

Krissy68 Thank you in so many ways I am 43yrs right now I will be 44yrs in October I will try until the end of this year again you guys make it possiable to keep going on we must meet after we have had our baby or babies as the case may be (smile) keep intouche and rember as long as you pray all will be added on to you.



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