Pergnancy At 43

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worthygirl - June 8

Krissy68 Thank you in so many ways I am 43yrs right now I will be 44yrs in October I will try until the end of this year again you guys make it possiable to keep going on we must meet after we have had our baby or babies as the case may be (smile) keep intouche and rember as long as you pray all will be added on to you.


Krissy68 - June 8

worthygirl - How are you doing? I know I told myself last year when I turned 40 I was stopping at the end of 08 and here I am still trying I have made up my mind I will keep trying until everything shut down. Where are you at in your cycle? I'm on cd 15/11dpo and AF should be here between the 12-15 I will keep you posted. Krissy68


Krissy68 - June 10

worthygirl - How are you doing and feeling today? I'm thinking about you and I am keeping you in my prayers I hope this is your month. As for me I think it isn't meant to be my temp took a nose dive from yesterday 98.39 to 97.94 so I got my hopes up because this is the first time I had 12 days straight above coverline so we shall see I know AF should be here between 12-15. I will keep you updated. Krissy68


Krissy68 - June 11

I just wanted to give a update AF found me at 3am. Krissy68


Floricica - June 17

Trust me when you stop thinking about getting pregnant, it happens. Just enjoy the s_x when you do have s_x. You ever wonder why so many people get pregnant that were not trying to? Yet others try for years and dont get pregnant? well... It's all about your body temperature and nervs and everything. If your tense and nervous and *stressed* it most likely wont happen. Just relax and stop thinking about trust me! God is full of surprises:)


picawad - June 23

good luck to those trying !


Krissy68 - June 24

picawad - I wanted to tell you congratulation again. Keep us posted and rub your belly for me. pgat40 - I know the day is just about over but I didn't forget Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy your day. Krissy68



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