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Trying to help - November 11

Ok everyone this is a post for ttc teenagers. I think the two groups on here (the teenagers and the older people) should each have their own post. This is for any teenager that is ttc and has questions, comments, concerns or just want to support each other. Lets try to keep it clean please. I am also going to make a post for the older people so that they can vent and share opinions with each other. Hopefully this works.


Sharon - November 11

I am 13 and I am gonna get pregnant by whomever. I really wnat a baby and i dont care what people say cause no one is in my shoes. i am very mature and i have a job. People should look at themselves in the mirror first bf they start bashing anyobdy.


HELLO - November 12

See this is what is incredible about this site! "duh" how old are you? Sharon screw these people! And by the way people I do not think a 13 year old should have a child for financial, emotional, and physical reasons but you people have absolutely no reason to talk to people the way you do. What are you going to say to your kids when they are teenagers? Are you going to call them f***ing idiots? I highly doubt it so why the hell don't you grow up? Sharon I know that no matter what I say you will do what you want because lets face it we all do but have you thought about how you will pay for your child? Are your parents going to or is the government? And how will you keep going to school when you have a child to take care of and you have been up all night because your infant wont stop crying? What will you do when you want to go to movies and parties? Are you going to leave your child in someone else's care or take them along? And don't you want to have a child with someone you love? Having a child is a very hard and very precious thing and I wouldn't want to see you do it without the financial and emotionally backing and having a child is such an important thing to do don't you want to share that with someone you love? And why do you want a baby?


*X* - November 13

The sad thing about all these posts are that most of these people claiming that they're teenagers wanting to get pregnant aren't even genuine. Then the ones who really are wide-eyed, baby-infatuated teenagers start to think it's actually common and reasonable to want a baby at that age. (where's the head-shaking smiley when I need it...)


HELLO - November 13

This post is for TEENAGERS! Can you not let 1 post be designed just for teenagers? We are not welcome on any other posts so why not just leave this one for us? And you are not helping anyone with you stupid little comments. If your going to come on here then why not be helpful instead of rude? I guess that is just beyond you. Why i think us teenagers need to just grow up so that we can be a bunch of idiots just like you!


Lesley - November 13

There is nothing i hate more than people slagging off teenagers who have REAL problems. Well actually I suppose there is somethng I hate more..... teenagers who look for attention by making stories up. I am not a teenager no more, but I am a young parent. I had my 1st son at 17 and know exactly hat it's like to be looked down on by people who don't even know you. I will hapily talk to and try and advise any genuine people but unfortunatly the idiots make it impossible to kno whats for real and what isn't.


HELLO - November 13

Lesley how old are you? And how many kids do you have? I know that some posts are crazy sounding but you never know when someone is actually being truthful or not so even on the stupidest sounding posts i try to give whatever i can to them. I really dont care about people trash talking to me because i know who i am but i do not like people that treat others disrespectfully and then you say something to them and you are the one that needs to grow up. They cannot possibly look at themselves and see well i am 25 or 30 and i am talking c___p to someone but it is unacceptable for them to say something back. It just doesnt make sense to me. Anyway can you tell us the down falls of being a young mother, how it actually is to have a child depend on you constantly, how you are doing financially, are you in school etc. I like hearing the good and bad from people who have actually been there before and not someone who thinks they know what its like.


Sharon - November 13

I came across this forum cause I wanted to know about other teens who want babies. I have been feeling like I really want one and I did not know anybody else who did. The only teens I saw who wanted one was on some talk shows that I've seen. I just dont' feel like anybody knows how I feel. I told my mother and she flipped. She told me if I get pregnant I'm going to have to move down south with my aunt bc she is not raising no more babies. She won't have to raise mine though. I would take care of it. And I will be a much parent than she ever was. If my mom knew that I was on this forum she would put a pa__sword on the computer. She thinks that tv and other people are making me want a baby but that is not true. I want one from my soul. I cry at night bc I want one soooooo bad. I almost feel like crying as I write this. If I have a baby I know it would be hard but I would love it and take care of it the best way I can. I would protect it from anyone and make sure no one cause it harm.


Lesley - November 13

I am now 22, have 3 children ages 4 (he will be 5 in December), 18 month old daughter and a 5 day old little boy. I am not at school no more. I live in the UK and you leave school at 16 here. I didn't have any qualifications when I left school. I didn't even sit my exams. I regret that, wish I did. When my son was 9 month old I went to college to study painting and decorating. Got qualified in that, and me and my partenr decided to have another baby then me go out and work - rather than have to take maternity leave. Only I fell pregnant again when she was just 8 month old. I have got used to life as a parent, and I wouldn't have it any other way. People ask if I could go back and change anything would I.... My answer is yes - but the only bit I would change is sitting my exams.


Tati - November 13

I am also a young mother, I am 22 and due with 3rd next month. I love beening a young mother I do a lot of things with my children. I am also planning to home school, since public school are going out of control. My brother is 12 and he had a 11 year old girl in his cla__s pregnant. I really don't want my children to go to school that is OK with it. Also now public schools teach your children all about s_x and babies at what 4th grade that's why these 13 year olds dont know what why what.Really it Sharon really stopped and thought that WHOMEVER won't be there for your child and your child will grow up knowing that mother didn't even care about his/her future. I don't mean to be rude but how will you explain to your child that you were ready at 13? your body is not ready so aren't you. Also what kinda job do you have that will pay for everything you need? I am sure it's not good enough because without a diploma and a minor you get minamum wage ($7) .By the way Sharon if you do have the baby and will work you will need to get a babysitter and those are not free either. Unless you will got get walfare like most of these under age girls do that JUST WHAT A BABY. and we will pay for your support.People that do wait to have a comitted relationship and start a family. I wouldnt call you an idiot because that is calling names and that is wrong that's to "duh"but you really should think about what your life will be based on before putting a life{baby} in it.By the way Sharon this is very normal what you are going through. Every teenager has some fantacy but please wait until you make it a reality.


charlotte. - November 14

what would I say if my teenager told me they were pregnant?I would ask how they could possibly financially support the baby,etc etc,then I would say she had better set up home with her boyfriend,she made her bed,no way will I support her.Hopefully when my daughter grows up,like me she will have more sense than that,I would have been scared to death to tell my parents I was pregnant before I was ready.These teenagers say "I want,I want"like a spoilt juvenile,yet when it happens many seek help from their own families to raise them because they are inexperienced don't want to upset their life previous to a baby etc etc etc.There maybe some teenagers on here who are good mothers,but they are the ones big enough to say how tough it is,and maybe it was a mistake,emotionally,financially, etc etc.


Bonnie - November 14

Charlotte's post is harsh but I have to agree with her on that one. If my teenager became pregnant I don't think I support her in my home either. I would probably help out of course where I could, but for the most part she would have to seek financial help and set up shop on her own. Sharon, if you are being serious in your posts I would seriously suggest you talk with your mother about it first, otherwise you're liable to end up on your own. Why should she be forced to raise the baby for you? You say she won't have to raise it and that you will. Darlin, if youa re living at home with her then she WILL be raising it. Just because you get up at night and change a few diapers does not mean you are raising a baby. If she is having to support you, pay for you, give you both a place to are just a baby-sitter. Wait until you are old enough and on your own before trying to do something like this.


HELLO - November 14

Thank you much Lesley and Tati for your honesty. Goodluck with your children. Sharon where are you? I would really like to talk to you about this.Maybe i can help you some how?


Tati - November 14

By the way sharon there is NO way you are ready financially because at your age you can only work what 20 hours a week. Otherwise you are working under the table or doing something illegal to get the money you say you have.By the way before we(me and my husband) had our children we had couple thousand dollars saved up just for the baby. Babies take a lot of TIME, MONEY and the most that the babies need is someone that can care for it the right way. At 13 I had dolls that I would wrap and would change clothes. It helped me when I had my first at 18 1/2.I advice you to do the same. Really I am not trying to make fun.


Rachel - November 15

Ok, Im just trying to understand this...why do some of these people spend so much time worrying about other people's business? I think most of the "I'm 12-14 and I want a baby" are just somebody trying to start fights, and what's sad is they do. And if they're real, well, just ignore them. I see the same people on all those posts saying the same thing. I don't get why some of these people don't talk about how their children are doing or something else besides how they're all smarter than everybody else.


NURSEJ - June 27

there is a whole forum already for teenagers, its labeled teens. this forum is THE BEST AGE TO GET PREGNANT and 13 y/o regardless of your opinions is not the right age.


PrettyShadows - July 15

I think it's brilliant that you have started a post for genuine TTC teens! I don't agree with teens aged 13/14/15 ttc as i think they should wait until the legal age of consent (16 over here). I also think they should be in a stable relationship if they are going to start ttc...I wish luck to all of the ttc teens who can give their child a loving providing home. I think i may be pregnant but if i get a negative on my test the me and my boyfriend (of over two years) have decided to start ttc. We are both 17. I know we are young but he has a well paid job and i am going to finish one of my college modules and continue with the others after the child is born in courses i can take at home. We know it won't be easy but we have had so much happiness thinking that i am pregnant...i can only hope i get a positive when i take my hpt tomorrow morning. Good luck to all of you ttc! And thankyou for posting a thread for us teens ttc! It's nice to know that not all people look down on us!



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