Ready For A Baby

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Chrissy - May 17

I am 25 years old and am almost finished working on a doctorate degree. My husband and I were married in October and I have recently began feeling like I am ready to have a baby. I was planning on waiting a year and half until I am almost finished with my internship and finishing my dissertation to start trying that way I will have the baby after I graduate and then I can look for a job after my baby is a couple months old. I would appreciate any comments you have about this situation, it is a little scary to think about having a baby even if it is still a year off.


idontwantstretchmarks - May 18

I say finish up school and then have the baby! Wow, what an accomplishment to be on your way to a doctorate! Good luck with that :)


to chrissy - May 23

i agree about waiting with you and the person who posted here. you have invested so much time and dedication into your career, and i think that having a baby now will greatly effect your schooling, and future jobs. having a baby wont put a stop to it all, it will just make it much more difficult to accomplish what you have worked so hard for make sense? good luck to you, and congratulations on school!


Joby - May 23

Hi chrissy, I never used to want children until my niece appeared on the scene 7 years ago. I have been with my husband for the same length of time, but married for 1 of those years. We decided in December to try for a baby as I'm not getting any younger (I'm 32) and the time felt right!! I know we haven't been trying as long as some people here, but we spent so long on trying not to get pregnant it comes as a bit of a suprise & frustrating that it doesn't happen straight away. Good luck with whatever you decide xx


Harris - May 25

Have a baby. Have a baby. Have a baby. :)


Jessica - May 26

If you want it have it however it'll make it 10 times harder for you to complete your schooling and internship.


Chrissy - May 27

I appreciate all of your input. Most of you have said what I already knew, but didn't want to admit. I am going to wait until I am all done. Good luck to everyon.


Lydia - May 31

Chrissy, I actually disagree with most of everyone on here. I am 22 and have been married for almost 3 years. I am also in college. I just finished my Bachelor's and am working of my Master's. I then plan to go on to get my PhD. My husband and I are about to start trying for a baby. If you are dedicated enough to get as far as you are, then I don't think having a baby will stop you. I know first hand that college is very, very tough, but I also know that college will teach you to manage your time very well. Why wait?


bump - October 22




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