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Jennifer - August 24

well im 19 in my second year of college and almost 4 months pregnant. I don’t know what to do I have not told my parents or some of friends and family. I feel like im letting everyone down I don’t know what to do. I really want to continue school but I don’t see how can I. im currently attending school and its hard, im always tired and I have to much in my head. I had a plan for my life and that was, not to drop my GPA from a 3.5 and to graduate from college, but I don’t see how I could do that. and besides my parents and family are very strict when it come to school and morals. dose anyone has any advice? please im going crazyyyyyyyyyyy I don’t know what to do.


soleil - August 24

It will be harder but you can do it. I was also 19 during the time i was pregnant. I went until the semester finished and I was 8 mo. preg. I had trouble in the beginning because I would miss cla__ses cuz i had really bad morning sickness but I still kept going. Go as far as you can while you are pregnant, once the baby comes it is harder. Maybe after the baby is born take online cla__ses? That is what I did and am still doing that until my baby is a little bit older for me to leave her with someone while i go to school. It will be hard but you can sooo do it. I also think you should tell your parents, they might be upset but they will get over it, and more than likely support you with everything. GOOD LUCK!


Jennifer - August 24

thanx but is just that i go away for school so0o0o i dont even know if they allow that also im a RA is a job i really feel like im letting everybody down including my self


- August 25

have the baby place it for adoption and dont tell ur parents good luck


same situation - August 26

I am in the same situation. Is the father around? I am also in college, not married and am 3 mnths pregnant. you have to tell people soon, you will start showing. Your friends, if they are true friends then they will be there for you and help you through this situation. right now you need a friend more than you ever have. trust me. I know you are scared so was i. I was terrified of telling my parents and family. some of my family still does not know. but your parents and family, im sure love you very much you are their daughter after all. your family should be someone you can count on. my parents were really hurt at first but i vowed to myself to graduate because i want a college education and i know it will be hard but you will be fine. I hope everything turns out for you. I know it will. My mom and dad are being so great right now. they are really helping me through this. when my roommate found out she asked me to move, realizing she is not a true friend. this is when you will find out your true friends.


D - August 27

alot of woman , girls go to skool and fish it ......


Jennifer - August 27

what that suppose to mean "alot of woman , girls go to skool and fish it ......"


not pushy - August 28

this is not necessarily true nor false nor is it necessarily an opinion but I think having your children young and touching up on things as you go is okay . I also think men are best off working on their carreer early in life and women later . If anything don't try to live your life all in one day . May I ask what carreer are you focusing on ?


lol - August 28

I think D was thinking about a school of fish , perhaps was on expedia and imagining she was on the beach of the Corona beer commercial . Sorry D but it was funny .


nicole - August 30

have you thought about putting your cahild up for adoption? my husband and i would love to welcome your child into our home and give it everything that it could ever want... please contact me at: [email protected]


halley - September 6

i let down EVERYONE big time when i got pregnant at 18. i went away to college at 17, and came home for the summer, and got pregnant. i tried to go back and keep up with my course load but it was no use. i was too sick. i lost my family and friends, but i knew i wanted to keep that child, eventhough my ex was a rea BEEP. it wasn't the baby;s fault, so i had him. i never regretted it, and have since went back to school and finished it up. who cares that i might be 28 i did it! my parents who said they would never come around, and who had totally cut me off and shunned me, came around eventually, and anyone who was ever my true friend did to. that child is the light of my life, and you can do it to! you won't regret it i sware! if you need to talk w/b, and we can email eachother. i have been there. good luck ps- my parents were religious to, and i was such a sinner to them, till they had to remember that God says they must forgive. i'd never call my son a mistake. not from the moment he was born. it was worth all of the hell i went through.


Leanna - September 6

Don't worry, everyone makes mistakes, and everything will be ok. You may not have planned this, but God did. There are plenty of options for you. You may not be able to do things the way you planned, or would have liked, but it will be ok. The main thing is to take care of yourself, and talk to your support group (support group = anyone who loves you, and will help you through difficult times). Don't worry so much about what people will say or think, at your age that matters, but when you are older, I promise, you will grow out of caring about such matters. Also, a lot of people finish school later in life, and most never correctly choose a career path the first time around anyway, so they end up back in school at age 30. You aren't alone, won't have to be alone, and many woman have experienced situations like this and go on to lead wonderful, healthy lives. You'll be ok, just talk to your "support group" as soon as you can, so you can begin to take care of yourself, and wrestle with the feelings/emotions you're going through. Good luck, and I will keep you in my prayers....Also, sorry for all the run-ons but I just wanted my points to get across :) God Bless you Jennifer.



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