Should I Have A Baby Or Not

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Droopy - June 29

Hi well im 17 and my bf of 10 months is 16 and he really want to have a baby i do but i dont mind waiting. his just afraid that he`ll die be 4 he has a kid w/me b/c of the things his done. but i dont want to have problems with his family and my parents doesnt even know we go out.


Rusty - June 30

I think you should wait. Both of you are still VERY young. If you can't even tell your parents that you are seeing each other then what makes you think you're ready for a baby? You still have some growing up to do, and don't want to be a child raising a child. What are your career plans? Don't ruin your future!


Jessicca - July 1

You should wait. Let me share a little story of my soon to be step sister. She was 13 when she got pregnant, her bf was 15 they had been together for less then a year, they had s_x and got pregnant when she was 14, he proposed to her and she loved him very much. He worked for about 6 months when she was pregnant. Then things started going down hill and he turned to his friends and drugs! He left her stranded. Now she has this lovely baby boy, he's 2 now...he is very adorable, but no daddy, he's in jail now. She's sad and miserable now, she can't finish school, she had to get her GED and find a job. Surprisingly she works at McDonald's and makes a sturdy paycheck for herself and her baby. She's miserable because she can't go to beauty school and find herslef a better job. If I were you I would stay with your bf for a couple of years, see how he is more, even get an apartment togther. My bf and I did that 3 years ago. I was 17 when I moved in with mine...and now we both have great jobs, a brand new home, currently pregnant 34 weeks/8 months and currently engaged, we are planning to get married next year...I will be turning 21 in December. (He's 26 years old) I do advise to eachother...spend time with eachother! Wait!


Hula - July 6

Droopy, I think you should really ask yourself Is your boyfriends fear of dying really a sufficiant reason to have a baby? You are both so young. Think about what you want to do in your future, if a baby fits into your plans physically, emotionally, and financially, then make your choice. I hope you make the right choice, and not let your boyfriend make it for you. Good Luck.


muskan - July 14

i ma 39 yeras old how can i concive i and my husband try last 6 month plz i am so worried about it


alg - August 12

i think that it is really important to do what u want not what ur boyrfriend wants because if u do get pregnant he could panic and decide he really doesnt want a baby and u would be left to shoulder all of the responsibility..u should wait a little longer and make sure u have a stable relationship before u go ahead and have a kid,save up some money,get an apartment..i have been with my husband since i was 12 and i am now 17,we have a beautiful house,2 new vehicles and we have been ttc for 18mons..make sure that u r ready before u do could be the best thing or the worst that ever happens to you..what ever u decide i wish u luck!!


sherry - September 4

he won't die! my ex used to say stuff like that a decade ago and he's still alive. don't make a choice based on that staement please. i had my first at 19, preggo at 18 1/2, and i was able to handle everything by that age, but even a year sooner, makes a huge difference on your maturity level, and everyone is different to, so i'd say wait a couple years and if you feel the same, and are still together, give it a go! remember it takes alot of loot $$ to raise a kid, so start saving now, and don't worry your guy will still be around when you are ready for babies:)



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