Should I Try At 33 Or Wait

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pms74 - March 3

I just got married two months ago and am a little apprehensive about trying for a baby now. My husband just started a new job, and I am the bread winner at this point. Also, I would like to have a little time together to enjoy married life without children. However, I definitely want kids and I'm worried if I wait I won't be able to concieve. Also, my mother went through relativiely early menopause (she was 42) and I am worried that might be hereditary. Any advice?


sarahd87 - March 7

hi in my opinion i would say enjoy married life for a year or two and and then start trying only reason i say that is because you hear of problems after 35 and im sure you wouldnt want those kind of worries on your mind. ps congrats on your new marriege!!


CoLark - March 8

How many kids do you want? If you want five, think about starting soon :) If you want two or three, wait a year or so. You might also want to get an evaluation from a reproductive specialist. They can tell you what your chances for fertility are at the moment. My sister had quickly degenerating eggs at your age, so she had fast track her child bearing. If you are experiencing a decline in fertility at this age, it might be more important to start now. Again, I don't want to worry you, but it might make sense to simply get checked out especially considering your mother's early onset menopause.


pms74 - March 10

Guess I won't be waiting. Found out yesterday I was pregnant. Wow, they aren't kidding when the say it only takes once. So, now excited and scared to death. Also worried because I had a little too much to drink watching the Carolina/Duke game on Saturday. I really hope i didn't hurt anything.


Teddyfinch - March 12

lol pms74, that's awesome! as long as you don't drink all the time till the point of illness, i think you'll (and the baby) will be fine if you stop now. good luck with the next 8 months ^^


pms74 - March 12

trust me. no more drinking. I am going to the doctor for my first visit today. so far have had 6 positive tests (not sure why I keep taking them). can't believe I asked this question a week ago and didn't know I was pregnant yet! must have been something going on in my subconscious...


Cat24 - March 25

pms74 congrats on your good news. from what ive heard the menopause is hereditary so it must be gods way of telling you you should start your baby making now!


sterlinberlin05 - April 1

congratulations! I was going to say start now Just because you never know...I've been trying to have another baby since 06 and my first was completely fine in 04. So I've learned never to wait for anything...I'm just a why not person I guess.


pms74 - June 2

Just checking back in--I am now 17 weeks pregnant and very excited and glad to be here. The pregnancy has gone wonderfully so far. I've had two ultrasounds and get to find out the s_x of the baby Wednesday. Craziness!


wannabemama - June 8

First of all, congratulations on your marriage!! While it's true that the statistically, complications in pregnancy and birth defects are more prevalent in older women, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's mostly about how well you take care of your health before and during pregnancy. And as far as your worry about early menopause... even if your time does come earlier than most women, I'm sure you still have a a little while before that happens. You're still young. My advice is to go ahead and enjoy your time with your husband for a couple of years.


wannabemama - June 8

LOL! I just posted my previous answer before I read the rest of the posts. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!



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