Stop Judging Us

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anna a proud 16 y/o mom - August 21

to everyone whos being a b!tch about younge mothers...we've all messed up b/4 so stop acting like ya'll r perfect. im 16 with a 3 week old and i love it. she wasnt planned but im glad shes here any way. shes the love of my life and i take complete care of her. my mom doesnt help because she left my that makes me a better mom than she is..and shes 41 years old so who are you to call us bad a better mom than most people your age. i dont beat her i dont neglect her. i fed, change, bathe, and take care of her. so before you say your mean things about me take look at your life and judge yourself


B - August 21

I completely agree with you. I am a 19 year old with an 11 month old son and the day he was born, I loved every second of my life. I am engaged to his father. We're doing so well, my 20 yr. old fiance' has an engineering job with a major airline and everything. I never asked my family members for help, my fiance' and I are the parents! An older lady saw my son the other day and asked if I was his mother, I told her proudly, "yes, I am HIS mother!" I'm a proud teen mother!! People are quick to judge, thats society, thats the world. There are more 25+ year old women on the news abusing their children and not watching their childrens actions and it results in deaths. I cry as I watch it and know that I am a good parent no matter what you "older moms" say.


ash - August 22

Yeh, I'm 18 years old, going through a divorce with a 1 year old child and 34 weeks pregnant. Everytime i go out, someone is staring me down like I'm a piece of trash or a s___t. People are so judgemental, it makes me sick.


sam - August 23

Good for you Anna. I know teen mothers get a lot of grief. You sound like a good mom. Ignore nasty people, they just want to bully someone.


brit - August 26

I agree! Nobody is calling you a bad mother. I hate when people are judgemental. They need to worry about their own problems.


Huh ???? - August 29

Brit ! I agree but why are you being two faced .... I'm talking about your posts on other threads ??? Anna ; good for you I think you are confident and I hope you continue to believe in yourself . I am over 40 and just wanted to say that it really scares the general population that young people have kids because when they look at you they can't feel confident about having a child when they were sixteen but the biggest concern is that are you providing for youself or is the tax payer ? In the real world it looks like this ..... You are a child (nothing wrong with that ) with your toy ( a child ) and they are all accomodating you by pitching in a buck or two because you and your child are real living human beings and deserve life yet they all wonder how you would survive without them . Now on the positive side of things .... you will be playing soccer with your kids as they get older and your kids will get to know their grandmother while you will be feeling sorry for kids who are pushing their parents in a wheel chair that will never get to know their grandparents because they are dead and never played soccer with them and these kids most likely grew up in a day care and with babysitters because the folks were always working . You sound like a good MOM .


B - August 29

I'm sure there are a couple "Brits" posting in different forums so you can't pick out one particularly and say your two faced.


my input - August 31

i honestly think that the young mothers of this fourum or younger women who want babies just need to stop getting so defensive. I think the majority of us who are here care for the well being of children in general. anyone who is even the slightest bit educated on how to raise a baby would know that it takes a lot more than love to raise a child. if you think that you are mature enough to have s_x unprotected then you at that very moment are making the decision that you are ready and mature enough to be a mom. s_x isnt really s_x at all.its called making love. there are 2 reasons for it. 1) to share a deep affection with the man that you love or 2) make children. ( not to say that "s_x" is not pleasureable but it has meaning) so many of us these days are just so d__n confused. im proud of all the young women who raise and love their own children on their own or with the babys father, the ones who make the decision that they are not ready and go to adoption and more to the ones who think before the baby even comes: the one who uses protection. ( for those of you who used protection and the protection failled also) So to all the young women in here: take a deep breath. educate your heart,body, soul and mind. watch the discovery channel. Read true stories. better yourself and then you can raise a child better. the more educated you are the more you will be able to give to your children. its not just about feeding and changing and paying for all the babys things. You are painting a peice of our future generation, and for your babys sake start with a fresh canvas (a healthy developed body) and then paint away! good luck to you all. G


stacey - August 31

congratulations on your baby anna! do be proud to be a mom, you sound like you are doing just great! i have a 4 week old. it's not an easy job, but a rewarding one, and once that baby is here, you make it work, no matter what your age. some things aren't planned, but we do the best with what we have, and more power to you! good luck!


Mo to Anna - September 4

How do you take complete care of her? At 16 how do you manage to pay for health care, food, transportation, diapers, clothing, lodging, CASH AND still have the ability to watch her every second of the day? Please let us in on it!! That's AMAZING.


K - September 14

The difference between you and some of these other girls is that you didn't actively seek out becoming pregnant. It was an accident (although a wonderful one) and things like that happen. You did the adult thing by keeping and taking responsibilty.


Danny - October 12

totally agree i am 16 with 2 little boys and i hate it when i and told i am a bad mother i am a better one than my mother i haven't seen her since i was 3


?? - October 18

Is that why you are having kids? To prove that you are a better mom than your own mother was? That's pretty sad. By the way, just because you are a "better" mom than your own mother, doesn't make you a "good" mom.


fed up - October 19

Living off the government- that is how they pay for their babies.... If you don't want people to say things then don't post!


Sad Sad Story - October 20

I think that there are too many "Children” that have too much time to play around on the internet. At that age most kids need attention and to come onto these website to gain a negative response to make themselves feel better. There is nothing that many can do to stop these children from having s_x unless you want to lock your kids into the house. I was 17 when I had my daughter and as time went on I realized that my life changed for the better. I'm 28 now, mature, stable both in mind and I know what I want in life. I didn't think that I could get pregnant; I was on the pill and viola it still happened to me. Listen, if you want to go out and have s_x, so be it but you understand that you can catch aids, get pregnant and really mess up you're life for good. I know way to many girls that show up to the hospital with their parents and they are given a pill, they wait approximately an hour and away they go to surgery. This pill is given to you to make you dilate so that your uterus is open so the doctor can suck out the baby. The tool looks like a small vacuum cleaner. I'm serious about this girls !!! They have you lay down, your somewhat laying upright, they put your legs up, they check you to see if your dilated and then the vacuum is started. The machine is so noisy and you can hear them sucking out the baby through a little hose. I work in a hospital, I see young girls, no less then 30 a week all coming in for the same thing. If I would ever I mean ever catch my daughter having s_x at a young age or getting pregnant I would make her have an abortion. I will not take care of my grandchild while she is at school. I'm not a babysitter !! My daughter knows better, she is not exposed to all of this c___p and to have an open relationship with her is the best thing for the both of us. If she wants to experience with s_x, she knows to ask for condoms and go onto the pill. I can't stop her from doing that, but I can control the open relationship that we have together. Girls, that’s all I have so say. If you end up pregnant, that’s your fault, don't blame it on the world when there is nobody to help you with the baby. You did this to yourself, ONLY YOU HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND IM SICK OF SEEEING AND HEARING OF BABIES THAT ARE KILLED AND LEFT WITH THEIR GRANDPARENTS. Start taking responsibility for your actions and do not bring an innocent child into this world when your not capable. Women should always be in control !!! We have s_x when we want to have s_x. Most men only want into your pants because you are willing to open your legs and when a little one comes, who's the first to run away ?? Please take this, understand all of this and make sure to make the right decision. I hope for those girls that are pregnant and or have a child that your family is there for you. The lord is here to listen; you'd be surprised how much he loves us all and NEVER be ashamed to talk to him. He has guided me into the right decisions more than once. I'm no bible thumper but I believe.


anna - October 21

hello all well addison is 3 months and im still head over hills in love with her. im gladmost of you are being mature about my post. but then again some are acting younger than me. no im not on any walfare at all. and how i take care of my baby....i watch her while her daddy is at work. but im about to start a new job on monday. its not a great job but at least i have one. ill be answering phones and sorting out files stuff like that for a company call Macandle. it has an alright pay too. 8 bucks well its not much but hey.well shes crying


susan - October 24

Anna,you sound like amanda,your age,and immature,why?Because you say you are a better mother than most their age.You say you don;t beat her,neglect her etc etc,as if thats the norm!!!! I am glad your mother does'nt help you out,why should she?As for her dumping on you,my mother was 18,got involved with my dad too fast and they split leaving us 5 kids.My sister was 17 and pregnant,slag,then got married,later after her kids they split up,they just did not spend enough time together before bringing a life into this world,selfish,and irresponsible and we are the ones who suffered. You don't know enough about life,and your precious daughter,you wait until she is 14,15,and has boyfriends,you will be frightened she will get pregnant,and if she does you cannot turn around and critisise her,your values will count for nothing.ike with me if I got pregnant young,I would have said "you did it",other woman who had babies older have more respect and right,than a mother or sister like mine.



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