Thinking About Child 2

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JessieB - March 9

Hi! I am thinking about having baby #2 but I am so nervous that my son will be angry. I still nurse him and he is just very attached to his mommy. I also worry about how difficult it will be. So many things run through my mind about this and I drive my self crazy. My son is 2 and by the time we get pregnant he will be about 3 years old. Dont you think that is a good age gap? Give me some insight if possible. Thanks in advance.


CoLark - March 12

My daughter is 2 and we are expecting our second. I worry about how she will take it. One thing that you might want to try is to give your son a baby doll to play with. My daughter is very interested in babies, and so I think she will be helpful (maybe too helpful?) when the new one comes. Regarding age gaps, you don't want to wait too long, so I hear, because it is easier when your kids are going to the same schools or are involved in the same activities.


Teddyfinch - March 12

my parents always said they wished they had had my little sister sooner than 10 years after me. we're sill super close, and i'm cool with it, but i think 3 years is a pretty good age gap.


mbabkiki33 - March 21

First of all nursing your 2 year old son is just disgusting.. Thats like incest


Cat24 - March 25

i think still nursing at 2 years old is far too long. no wonder he is so attached, he needs to be weened off like every other baby is much earlier than 2 years.


sadiesmommy - March 27

I think people should keep their opinions to themselves about the nursing. She didn't ask your opinion on that. Mind you own business. That is jsut rude. Especially the insest comment. You are just being mean. Jessie just ignore that stuff. :)


kay101 - March 29

It's common practice in many countries to b___stfeed even up to age 5 just like it's common for babies to be carried around constantly in a sling.....oddly enough in studies this has been shown to make children more dependent as they get a bit older.....perhaps we should do a little research before saying every other baby is much earlier than 2 years?


Brenna - May 7

Okay,first of all it is not incest to nurse your 2 year old.Don't be stupid.My mom had to nurse me until I was 17 months because I was allergic to dairy.I am actually going through the same thing right now,dd is 13 months right now and we have decided to ttc in Oct. or Nov.If I get pregnant then,(only took 1 month with dd)There will be about 28-29 months between them.I am getting the baby urge,but I am still scared to death.One is comfortable,two?I have started weaning dd,going from 3 times a day,to 2 times this month,to 1time a day next month,and finish in July.I know I am drawing it out,but if it wasn't for ttc this fall,I would have no plans to wean her.Experts recomend nursing until age 2.


haishasmom - May 16

I think it is a good age gap. I had my little girl in 2005, then had my little boy in 2007, and this little boy is due this September. My 2 kids are 18 months apart and they are very close to each other. and then this baby will be 20 months younger then my last child. I think it is easier to have them close together.


kelardo - May 20

I think 3 years is a good age gap. i'mplanning on the same myself. And as far as you son's closeness to you, i think it's very sweet and you can use that to your advantage. i am ina similar situation as my son is very close to me as well. I couldn't nurse him longer than 14 months due to some medical issues and poor advice and it upset the both of us. I have read from other web sites that once you do get pregnant your milk supply may diminish and then your son may not be as interrested in nursing. If that's the case then you won't have to worry about him getting jealous and if not, I don't see it hurting anything to let him have a "sip" every now and then. You know what's best for you and your family and youcan use all of this to your advantage. You may even surprise yourself that based on your closeness with your son that it will create a beautiful and even more welcoming environment for baby to be. And also teach your son that he can love someone else in his family, "his new baby." Best of luck to you.


josi - May 29

i personally think that it a perfect age between your children. I have a 81/2 and a 2 1/2 . If i could go back i wouldn't have waited so long.


urmum143 - June 2

It's not incest... i think that is a good age gap, just talk to ur 2 year old about the soon to be lil baby, try to make him understand.



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