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rachy - October 17

i'm just looking at this teen forum and saw alot of ppl cristising teens, that is WRONG.. its for teens who want to hve advices or excited about their babies, pregnancies or wanna to be, its their lifes, so, if anyone is against teen pregnancies, so.. dont get involved this section and go somewhere else.. THIS IS FOR ONLY TEENS GIRLS WHO WANTS BABIES,WHO ARE PREGNANT, ETC.. thanks.. i dont mean to be horrible, im just saying .. leave them alone, they come ere to chill and talk about it not ppl attacking callin em stupid!


Bonnie - October 17

First, you are incorrect. This is not the teen pregnancy forum (there is already one of those). This forum is "Best Age to Get Pregnant". Therefore, when a 14 year-old pops in here wanting to be pregnant, people are most definately going to respond. Secondly, a lot of advice is perceived as critism or attacks when it was simply advice the person did not want to hear. Hardly the same here is my advice, if you are not prepared to get advice you may not like or agree with, then don't ask for advice to begin with.


m - October 17

this forum is for all....get ovwer it and like it!!!!!!


andi - October 17

actually you are in the wrong forum, this one is for the Best Age to Get Pregnant, return to the forum list page and futher down you will see a forum for Teens, called Teen Pregnancy Forum. I think that you should learn to read before you type stuff.


Melissa - October 18

I agree with Bonnie, this forum is not for teenagers to talk about thier pregnancies. This is a Forum discussing the best age to have a child. And if a teenager can't handle being called STUPID because she wants a baby, then she can't handle a baby either. If you can't wait, then you're selfish and immature too. You will be nothing but a blight on the economy and a burden to MY OWN POCKETS at tax time. I have every right to judge you and voice my thoughts because this issue is not just about you and your baby. It's about welfare, social programs, and people who are not independent!!!! Teenagers have NO RIGHT having babies that they cannot support! They should not be happy or proud to have made such poor choices. Your parents are probably crushed, but you are too selfish to even care or notice. Go buy a cabbage patch doll!


me - October 19

i think she just made a mistake and posted it on the wrong forum.


Could be Wrong - October 20

I think you're all wrong and rachy is only trying to state the issue of all the Chastising . RACHY : c'mon face it noone is going to encourage early teenage pregnancy even those who are 14 and gave a little thought to their younger brother or sister having s_x <your 8 year old sister) if anything the majority of people would say discouragement is a big favour but I will side with you on one small note ... those who beak off about sponging off of tax payers are the most low minded vermin on the planet because the chances of them eventually sponging off the tax payer is 100% heck most people are employed by taxpayer money with their hands out for more money once a year in hopes that one day they can run to the store to buy a $1000.00 loaf of bread with their $1000.00 per hr job and individuals with $30million homes .... their homes all become a ward of the state usually converted into a resort or hotel to get it off the taxpayers back etc etc anyway I think it's okay to come here and chill and talk about the fascination and hopes dreams and aspirations about one day becoming a mom or dad but I hope most of the teens who come here with those ideas can also take veiws people share as a learning experience for the future and not something you would just jump into out of a notion whim or heart pounding desire without learning before acting . There must be a good and valid reason why the body can reproduce at a young age so to ask to come chill and talk about it without fear of being attacked and called stupid is very legitimate and fair to ask .


charlotte - October 20

Rachy,a word of advice,get your facts right before you start off on one.I am certainly not going to support a girl of a young age who wishes to be a mum.It is not my place to support her,I'm not the one who is going to be left with her baby.What I will do is offer an opinion on why at that age a girl,as that is all you are,is not ready to become a mother.It is clearly wrong.


You Kids are REALLY PATHETIC - October 20

I think that there are too many "Children” that have too much time to play around on the internet. At that age most kids need attention and to come onto these website to gain a negative response to make themselves feel better. There is nothing that many can do to stop these children from having s_x unless you want to lock your kids into the house. I was 17 when I had my daughter and as time went on I realized that my life changed for the better. I'm 28 now, mature, stable both in mind and I know what I want in life. I didn't think that I could get pregnant; I was on the pill and viola it still happened to me. Listen, if you want to go out and have s_x, so be it but you understand that you can catch aids, get pregnant and really mess up you're life for good. I know way to many girls that show up to the hospital with their parents and they are given a pill, they wait approximately an hour and away they go to surgery. This pill is given to you to make you dilate so that your uterus is open so the doctor can suck out the baby. The tool looks like a small vacuum cleaner. I'm serious about this girls !!! They have you lay down, your somewhat laying upright, they put your legs up, they check you to see if your dilated and then the vacuum is started. The machine is so noisy and you can hear them sucking out the baby through a little hose. I work in a hospital, I see young girls, no less then 30 a week all coming in for the same thing. If I would ever I mean ever catch my daughter having s_x at a young age or getting pregnant I would make her have an abortion. I will not take care of my grandchild while she is at school. I'm not a babysitter !! My daughter knows better, she is not exposed to all of this c___p and to have an open relationship with her is the best thing for the both of us. If she wants to experience with s_x, she knows to ask for condoms and go onto the pill. I can't stop her from doing that, but I can control the open relationship that we have together. Girls, that’s all I have so say. If you end up pregnant, that’s your fault, don't blame it on the world when there is nobody to help you with the baby. You did this to yourself, ONLY YOU HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND IM SICK OF SEEEING AND HEARING OF BABIES THAT ARE KILLED AND LEFT WITH THEIR GRANDPARENTS. Start taking responsibility for your actions and do not bring an innocent child into this world when your not capable. Women should always be in control !!! We have s_x when we want to have s_x. Most men only want into your pants because you are willing to open your legs and when a little one comes, who's the first to run away ?? Please take this, understand all of this and make sure to make the right decision. I hope for those girls that are pregnant and or have a child that your family is there for you. The lord is here to listen; you'd be surprised how much he loves us all and NEVER be ashamed to talk to him. He has guided me into the right decisions more than once. I'm no bible thumper but I believe.


To: COULD BE WRONG - October 21

I don't understand what the heck you are talking about! Your post shows how much you know about taxes and real people with real jobs. I do not work for the government and my salary is not paid with tax dollars. And even if it was, I would STILL be a tax payer with every right to get mad when my tax dollars go to support young teenage mothers with no jobs!! I say if you are not over 18, you shouldn't even be able to qualify for welfare or wic checks in your name. Maybe then, teenagers will know that they and they alone (and maybe their poor parents) are responsible for the finacial support of their children and then they'll be less likely to run out and have a baby. You just know that all the 15 year olds on these boards are counting on the government to pay for their babies!


Could be wrong - October 21

ya right !? lol


PrettyShadows - July 17

I think she accidentally posted it on the wrong forum. I understand many of your anger at teenage parents living off tax payers, but please do not thing we are all like that. Some of us work hard and our partners work hard too. So please do not catagorise us all. You should at least give us a chance. We may be young but it doesn't mean we have the mind of a 2 year old.


kay96 - July 26

I do not agree with telling these pregnant/wanting to be pregnant/think their pregnant teens to go to a teen pregnancy site! I may only be 16, but girls come on here to get advice from ADULTS too, who have been through pregnancy, and the stress of it all. Girls need advice from adults too, Telling a 16 year old girl to go into a teen pregnancy forum is wrong because then you have a bunch of girls going in and posting that they want to get pregnant and stuff, and other girls telling them it's a good idea, not understanding that all women mature at different ages. Girls need advice from you adults too! You should feel privileged to be helping people at all, please stop be rude, inconsiderate, and disrespectful to these girls! Everyone needs help sometimes.


NURSEJ - July 28

that would be understanable kay96 if the t_tle was no "THIS FORUM FOR TEEN GIRLS." do they really want advice from adults or just to start a ruckus. i think the latter. if they wanted advice their t_tle would have been like need advice from a teen mom. don't try and sugarcoat ignorance.


Brenn - September 22

Don't take it personal but some people are just trying to offer advice and I know some are rude about it but maybe before every teen wants to get pregnant they need to think it all the way through. I'm almost 28 and just now deciding to have kids, but I didn't even want to mess with it until I felt ready. Maybe you should adivse your friends to wait and be young for now and when they are older let it all fall into play the way it should.


Amanda18 - September 22

Again this post is 11 months old!


mummytomorgan - September 26

People... People... People.... Please don't tar all teenage mummies with the same brush. I fell pregnant when I was 18, had my beautiful boy at age 19 and still completed my degree. Im 22 now, living with my fiance in our own house (mortgaged not rented) and I'm extremely proud of my achievements of being able to raise my son. However, I wouldn't have even thought about having a child at 15, are you crazy? Go out, live your life, enjoy every second because as soon as you reach adulthood, it all changes. Bills need to paid, and you cannot rely on handouts from the government or your parents/family/friends for everything. At least when you are older, you will be able to settle down with a man you love, (and who loves you back, rather than just trying to get into your panties) and make the decision about having children when you have the means to support them as well as yourselves. When you are older, you will be able to make an informed decision with your partner about having children, for now, just go out and have fun. How will you be able to go clubbing/partying/ hanging with friends/going out etc or doing any normal stuff that a teenager would want to do when you have a baby in tow? Think about it girls!!



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