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mummytomorgan - September 26

People... People... People.... Please don't tar all teenage mummies with the same brush. I fell pregnant when I was 18, had my beautiful boy at age 19 and still completed my degree. Im 22 now, living with my fiance in our own house (mortgaged not rented) and I'm extremely proud of my achievements of being able to raise my son. However, I wouldn't have even thought about having a child at 15, are you crazy? Go out, live your life, enjoy every second because as soon as you reach adulthood, it all changes. Bills need to paid, and you cannot rely on handouts from the government or your parents/family/friends for everything. At least when you are older, you will be able to settle down with a man you love, (and who loves you back, rather than just trying to get into your panties) and make the decision about having children when you have the means to support them as well as yourselves. When you are older, you will be able to make an informed decision with your partner about having children, for now, just go out and have fun. How will you be able to go clubbing/partying/ hanging with friends/going out etc or doing any normal stuff that a teenager would want to do when you have a baby in tow? Think about it girls!!


jessiperth - September 28

i dont agree with teenage pregnancies, however saing that i had mine at 16. i realise how hard it is and i know that living on welfare will get you now where. you dont need to do Exactly what these forum people say but do! heed their warning before you rush into having unsafe s_x ad potentially end up pregnant because honestly its just us trying to help you.


Amanda18 - September 28

This thread was posted here on accident i believe. It was meant for the teen pregnancy forum.


1234567 - September 28

hey "you kids are REALLY PATHETIC." None of that that you wrote made any sense. You're a weirdo if you think that abortion is ok. You make me laugh!!! I don't even know what the hell you are thinking! Before you go and write a really long entry, you should make sure that it makes sense! OMG, you are really stupid!


ashlea - October 21

instead of crisising teenagers whoare pregnent why not help them? am only 17 and am pregent nd i hav been lookin after twins for sum practice and everyone said that if it wasnt for me their mother wouldnt hav coped and she is an older lady so how can you say that teenagrs dont know what they are doin coz am great with kids! i didnt mean to get pregnent but these things happen and oyu hav to deal with them! i think that there would be alot less abortion if older woman disnt look down on teenagers who become pregent instead help them!


kristamariieee. - October 23

How can you ladies come on here and talk a whole load of c___p about teen mothers? We aren't children. You lose the children role when you turn thirteen. We are called teenagers. There are many teens that are WAY more mature than alot of adults. I am fifteen and pregnant, and I sure know that I can handle a baby. Yes, I know it will be hard but it's even hard for a 30 year old mother to take care of a baby. Maybe you don't like the fact that there are teen mothers out there, but instead of making us feel like we shouldn't even be on earth... give us advice since you supposedly know how to take care of a baby so well. Who do you think is being the immature ones? The people talking bad about the teenagers or the teenagers listening to all this c___p you give us? I'd like to say... keep your mouth shut because you don't know half of us teenage mothers out there who could possibly be a better mother than you can be. Atleast we aren't going out there having abortions and dealing with our problems that way. And AIDS? Excuse me but you can get them just as much as we can get them... so why are you having s_x? Oh no, you could get AIDS also. =O


ruinous79 - October 26

Holy cannoli! I literally registered for this forum after reading this thread and just HAVING to respond to this last poster ( kristamariieee) ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? "Yes, I know it will be hard but it's even hard for a 30 year old mother to take care of a baby." I'm really trying to hold back on the insults here but, are you in the least bit educated, or even coherant?? I'm not going to tell you you're an idiot for getting pregnant or that you'll be a terrible mother, but you hopefully have enough common sense to realize that you will get smarter, and more patient, and more world wise. Fifteen is not the penultimate age of wisdom.....god help you if it is!! The main problem most of these ladies have with teens proudly marching in the "I can conceive-look at me!" parade is not that you're incapable of caring for a child (though you are) but you aren't thinking of everyone else it will affect. When you grow up you'll realize that it's not all about you and your needs. Is it really in the best interest of your child to be born to someone so woefully inexperienced at life and very likely doomed to be raised in poverty? Look honey, I'm not saying that you can't make the most of your situation and try to be positive about it but you're certainly not going to convince a group of grown women that you're as qualified to raise a child. It's like Chris Rock once said in his stand up routine. You can probably steer a car with your feet....that don't make it a good ****in idea!" Best of luck to you. (and by the way.....childbirth hurts REALLLLLY badly!!!) ;)


lashonda - November 1

this is to :You Kids are REALLY PATHETIC First of all who are u to take a life from anyone and buy encouraging ur child to get an abortion for a baby that she wanted will not make ur relationship stronger but it will probably tear u guys apart. Also I don't agree or disagree with teen pregnancies I ould encourage teens to wait but If they do not take my advice i would not tell them to abort the child I would just tell them to learn from past experiences I had my child at a young age and I am successful Me and the father of my child (which is now my husband) got jobs and took care of our child. My child never needed for anything. All i have to say is wait but if teens do not take my advice do not let having a baby young be you down fall your life is not over and you can still be successful and prosper in life, myhusband is not in the military and working his way to ba degree and I am in nursing school.


kristamariieee. - November 3

Stop judging, and shut up. That's all I have to say. This place is for people to ask questions and get answers... that's why I went on here, but why would I even bother asking a question or say something, when I would get trashed. NOBODY knows me on here, so STOP judging. It's immature. Doesn't even matter how old any of us are, it's still immature. And what, you think all of us teenagers don't know child birth hurts? We aren't stupid. Like I said in the last post.... there are some teens that can handle a baby way better than a 30 year old. And ruinous79, you took it all the wrong way. BABIES ARE TOUGH! Yes, they are even tough for an older lady. I know people who are older, and they have told me many things and stories... they even said it's tough. So just shut up. I'm not saying teenagers who WANT to have a baby, and are having s_x just to have a baby are smart, because that is quite ridiculous but that is their own choice. Just like you have your own opinions, DON'T shut other opinions down.


kristamariieee. - November 3

And the by the way. I am a christian who made a mistake once, and got pregnant. I know it was a mistake, and something precious came out of it. I'm not having s_x again until I am married because that is what God intends on us to do, but I still have this baby to raise. I'm trying my best, and I don't need ladies bashing me for my decision. It makes me feel like c___p and makes me feel like I can't do this, and raise my child. I'm not marching in here saying "Look, I wanted a baby, and I now I'm pregnant"... I'm in here because I NEED help, and advice... but when adults are bashing other teens, and I read it... It hurts me, and I lose my confidence. Maybe instead of bashing, you can give us advice and support. Help us be a great mother instead of telling us we will never make it. Not every teenager is a s___t, that is so irresponsible and drops out of school to raise their child. I happen to be in grade 10 and my baby is due at the end of January so I am in school and getting an average of 96% in my cla__ses. Next semester I am taking my two other cla__ses at home, and planning to go back for my grade 11 and 12 year. I am NOT going to ditch school, because I want the best for my child. I am going to graduate no matter how hard it will be. Please, can you just give teens some slack. Yes, girls who want to have a baby at such a young age, I haven't got to the hard part yet, but even these last few months have been hard. Don't try to get pregnant at such a young age. I'd have to say it's pretty immature. But in some cases girls haven't wanted a baby and have gotten pregnant and you should be telling them that they are so amazing for keeping the child and not just saying "I can't do this, let's have an abortion" because I'd say those are the teens you should be talking to, and telling "you're so immature". Not me, or any of the girls out there that are trying so hard to give their babies a life to live for. My boyfriends mom was fifteen when she had him, and was a strong christian. God, and support brought her through this and she now has a wonderful life, and my boyfriend turned out wonderfully. You may not like the fact that we are pregnant, but just keep that to yourself, and give us the advice you needed when you were pregnant. We all need advice no matter what age we are. Thanks.


ruinous79 - November 4

kristamariieee: I am very glad to know that you aren't here to say it's ok for teens to get pregnant. I think your last post was very mature and responsible. And as I said in my last post: "I'm not saying that you can't make the most of your situation and try to be positive about it". I most definitely commend you for making the choice to keep your child as long as you're willing to take on all the responsibility that comes with him or her. I think it is far sadder to see teenagers using abortion as a form of birth control than for them to own up to their responsibility. All I was trying to say was it's a very hard job and you need to be fully aware of it. I had my first daughter when I was almost 21 and it blindsided me. I knew it'd be tough but man oh man!!! And I will agree with one thing you said: there are some older women that should never be mothers. I know a few and I could tell you some stories. (Oh lawdy!) You want some advice from a mother of two? Just love your baby and even when things are hard (and they will be) and you're losing sleep and frustrated and exhausted (and you will be) just know the most important job you have from here on out is being a mommy. Just work your a__s off to provide the best life you can for that child and know your life isn't over. It's just going to take some adjustments to get through. (Hope that's more along the lines of what you're here for) :)


kristamariieee. - November 4

Thank you, ruinous79. That was deffinatly more of what I'm looking for. =D



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