To Old For 3rd Baby

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kimberly - May 14

I am only 28 but I don't want to be old raising my kids. We are not really ready to try just yet but have been discussing it. We have to boys and want to try for a girl. My oldest is 7 and my youngest is 3 now. We would like to buy a bigger home before trying again, so atleast a year from now, unless I get impatient! My question is this to old to be starting over again? I know women do it all the time now, but is it really feasible? Just wanted some opionions. This has been weighing heavily on me because I can't seem to make up my mind of wether I want to be pregnant again. Any others experience with this would be great!


kimberly - May 14

Sorry for all the typing errors. lol.


ChaycesMom - May 15

Was just kinda wondering why you would think 28 was too old to have another child? I am 28 now and 26weeks pg with my 2nd.


kimberly - May 15

It is not to old to be having kids, but I just personally wanted all of my kids young. It took me 3 years to concieve last time. So who knows how long it would take this time and I am not ready to try just yet atleast a year or 6 months from now before we try. And my oldest is 7 and my youngest is 3 and just now to that age where he will stay good with people so my husband and I can have our own time. I guess it is just a real big decision for me.


kimberly - May 15

Forgot to say I have really long cycles so concieving is sometimes difficult for me, but now I actually have a cycle and when I wanted to try before my cycle was gone for 2 1/2 years. This also makes me feel like my time is running out to have another, because I don't know how long I will actually be ovulating.


kimberly - May 15

It isn't too old. I just personally wanted to have my kids young. It took 3 years for me to concieve my last child. I have irregular cycles so concieving can be hard. I don't know how long I will even be able to ovulate. I have gone 2 1/2 years without a period before, now they are like every 44 days. I wrote a couple of other simular post to this but they didn't seem to post yet? Hope this doesn't duplicate.


Amanda18 - May 15

If you decide to get pregnant again you should talk to your doctor. Since your cycles are longer then usual you might not be ovulating and they can give you meds to help. My doctor thinks any cycle with more then 34 days is unacceptable. But good luck with what you decide.


Erynn21 - May 16

I don't know why you'd think that 28 is too old, I'm 31 and getting ready to have my 1st, you and your baby can be healthy if it takes you 3 yrs. to conceive I'm completely healthy. My SIL is 36 and is having her 4th, her oldest will be almost 12 when this baby is born, her youngest will be 5&1/2. You have gone w/out a period for 2 years? I think that should be more of a concern that seems like a major problem, have you talked to your doc. about that, any time it takes more than a year to conceive that is considered a fertility issue. I would say that is the bigger issue than your age.


Emma2 - May 16

Hey if you feel old then you are old! I wouldnt even bother trying for another since you feel old.....I'm 29 and feel great about having my 1st at this point but I guess its a matter of opinion what the nest time actually is !


torbman - May 16

kimberly, I am 32 and having my third (very unexpectedly) I have had lots of time to think about mine, and no your not too old to be having your third. I know that with this one I will definatly have more patience then I did when I had my first daughter 11 years ago, and my second 8 years ago. I am sure that your boys would love another playmate, and would be great helps too. We thought we were done and my husband even had his operation, however 3 years later here I am 30 weeks pregnant with our boy. There will always be something you want or need. Kids are a blessing. You should go for it.


Bonnie - May 19

I'm kind of with Emma on this. It sounds like you already have your answer as you wanted them young. I am 34 and had mine in January. It never even occured to me that I was "old", lol. When did that happen? ;) Seriously, do I think you are too old or it is bad to wait? No. I never had mine younger because I was not ready nor stable enough. Nor do I in anyway feel old now. Ihad my son when I felt that my DH and I were both ready for it. Only you can judge your own situation.


Kristina - May 21

28 isn't too old. Alot of people don't have their first till that age.


kimberly - May 26

Thanks for all the replies. I know that 28 isn't old, and no I don't feel old yet. But, I always thought I would be the young grandma or something. Plus, it may take a year or 2 with the way my cycles are. I haven't seen a Dr. about my cycles recently , but when trying for my 3 year old I did, they just put me on birth control and said to take it for a while and then try for a baby. I did that and then had no period for another year, I eventually took herbal supplements to get a period and finally concieved after 3 years. So who knows how long it will take. I do think I am ovulating though, for now anyway. I feel I have PCOS, but not sure. I am also a amputee from an accident when I was a kid. I have always walked on crutches and I get around as if I had never lost a leg, but somethings are a challenge, I would be lying to myself if I said it isn't hard sometimes. I have no problems with the daily chores and keeping up with the kids I have now, but with each child there is one more to chase in the store, one more to carry to bed, all the things that are hard for me, it just doubles the work, or maybe I should say triples. I know I could handle it, I have never not handled anything thrown at me, but I just can't decide if this is what I really want to do. Anyways, I am rambling, Thanks for your comments.


Citrine - June 9

How much younger could you possibly be??... and still be grown up enough, responsible and able to financially able support 3 children? My great grandmother had her 6th child at 41, and that over 85 years ago. You should re-evaluate your ideas about age. You know "40 is the new 30" and all that.


Patrina - June 19

My mom had my little sister at 44. So...


frankschick2001 - June 27

Too old? Are you serious? :)


Lynne - June 27

I unfortunately lost my son last year. I was 29 when I went into labor unexpectedly at 25 weeks. I had an emergent vertical csection for delivery. I will be 31 in August and hubby and I are starting our ttc journey hopefully this month. I think that your age is perfect to have another child or if you wanted to wait until your early thirties. I wish I would have started earlier but we can't rewind the clock!! I wish you the very best. -Lynne



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