Trying And Wanting To Study

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whitewolf - March 6

Hi, i'm 21 a while i was 19 i fell pregnant accidently and was pressured into getting a abortion from my family... it was the biggest mistake of my life, now that i'm over trying to ignore all that happened I would like it all.... i want to try for another child cause i'vve been wanting one since then and I want to start uni next Jan.... if i can get pregnant in the next couple of months then i would give birth the start of summer before uni...... really i just wanted to know if there are any success stories out there of mothers of babies going to uni and staying? I doubt my family will be supportive yet my boyfriends family will be. Please help!!!


dida - April 29

how are you going to go to the uni. and raise a baby by yourself at the same time. i think you should finish your studies and then you can have as much babies as you want. even the university would let you have a better and higher income job after you graduate so you can support your self and your baby better.


Terio - May 1

Whitewolf, you have a second chance at things, don't run back and make the same mistake as before. Do you feel like having a baby immediately is in some way going to "right that wrong"? The best thing you can do for yourself is to go to school, get married down the road, and then have that wonderful baby you're dreaming of. Don't rush things just to fullfill some empy place in yourself that was created by terminating the last pregnancy.


NZ_Girl - May 8

hey, great to hear someone that is determined!! a very good friend of mine gave birth to a boy in 2006 and had found out that she was pregnant in her first year of uni. She is now back studying and living with a friend (who is also studying at uni) to help manage those hours where she is not at home because of study and the baby is not in childcare. And they are both doing great :D



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