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help - January 16

i looked up when i would be ovulating on the ovulation calendar for this month and it said anywhere from January 12th-January 17th. i had unprotected s_x twice today (january 15) and he came inside me both times and i elevated my knees (which i heard helps). so what do you think my chances of conceiving are? please repost asap!!


Erica - January 16

statistically your chances of conceiving are 20-25% in any given cycle. Sometimes it takes a normal woman who is trying just as hard as you to conceive months before she gets pregnant. I, however, got pregnant on the first shot, so you never know.


frankschick2001 - January 17

You have about a 25% chance of conceiving.


krc - January 18

It doesn't matter what position you put yourself in when he goes inside of you. The sperm are programmed to swim and even if they make it doesn't always mean they will fertilise the egg. The only thing that helps is patience.


Lovie - January 19

It cost some money but use the ovulation test kits at any drug store and do the Basal Body Temp. You can get complete info on the BBT anywhere on the internet. It only took me three months to get pregnant.


debbie - February 17

think i need help too we always have s_x on the days i ovalate but still after 8 monts of trying nothing so what are we doing wrong?


buffy2297 - February 18

Try having s_x every other day from cycle day 6 and then stop around cycle day 18 to 20. Then you've got all days covered. Hard work for partner but if thats what it takes. KRC is right however everything you can do to help. Make sure when he ejaculates he is deep inside you on top or doggy style is recommended. Then lie on your back with hips elevated for 20 to 30 minutes(not recommended if you are prone to uti's). HGood luck and I hope this helps. Let us know how you get on


help - February 18

hey girls..thanks for info...tnothing happened last month. so i tried it again this month and i will let you all know what happens



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