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michelle - February 6

hey there. i am 21 years old and my fiance is 22. we are trying to conceive and i was wondering if there were any tips to help me conceive. i have heard that after s_x if you elevate your knees it will help, is that true? also if my last period started january 30 and is usually 28-30 day cylce...when will i be ovulating? please help me! thanks!


sab - February 7

Michelle I’m in the same place as you only I’m 20 and my Fiancé is 21... Try it’s so easy just tell them when your last period was and it works out when you’re ovulating..... Good luck to you P.S the Knees thing not true


frankschick2001 - February 7

Michelle, you and your partner should have s_x frequently during the week of Feb 13th through the 17th or 18th. That should be your fertile time. If you go to, there is an ovulation calculator there that is very easy to use. It will tell you your most fertile days based on cycle length. Also, try testing with ovulation predicotr sticks. They are just like home pregnancy tests, only a little bit more money.


michelle - February 7

hey everyone. thanks for the advice. it is very helpful. im still up for any more advice!


PrettyShadows - July 31

If you have a 28 day cycle you will ovulate on day 14, a 30 day cycle is day 16. There are alot of tips about getting pregnant but alot are myths. Elevatoing your knee's is a way to try to force the sperm through the v____a using gravity. People have claimed it has worked for them before, but it is still a myth. I would buy a book if i were you. i have one called Making babies by Dr Warwick Carter. It is fantastic! You shpould be healthy and exercise regularily. You should lead a healthy lifestyle, if possible quit smoking, minimise alcoholic drinks and definately do not take any drugs. Most couples trying for a child will achieve this within a year. If you have not concieved within a year it is time to see the doctor to check for any problems and maybe infertility in your or your fiance. You shouldn't be making love more than every two dauys (according to my book) as s_x everyday or more can lead to a lower sperm count. It is also best to avoid anxiety and stressful situations as stress and anxiety can have an effect on trying to concieve. Many couples have said that they actually concieved when they stopped worrying about trying to get pregnant. They relaxed and enjoyed being with their partner. Worrying about trying to get pregnant may lead to depression if you get your periods. Remember that there is no rush as you are at a prime age for having a child and that if you don't get pregnant this month there is always next! Good luck!!!


NURSEJ - August 1

just think of it like this whatever your cycle may be you ovulate 2 weeks after it starts.( for example if your cylse is every 30 days you ovulate on day 16.) you can also go to and it will ask for info and it will tell you about when u ovulate. but i used it and it worked perfect for me, thats how i got pregnant and i am 15 weeks and 3 days now.


MommyKarah - August 5

Something that may help you out is making an ovulation calendar this is what i did, You can go to and make a free ovulation calendar it will tell you when your fertile days are and when your MOST fertile days are which could help you out a lot in TTC. Try elevating your yourself put a pillow under your pevis to help tilt your body so the sperm can tavel upwards. If you guys are actually serious and really TTC then you may also want to try buying an ovulation kit which you use at a home kind of like a HPT. Limit movment after intercourse standing up after intercourse is likely to couse the seman to leak out try waiting 10-20 mins after s_x before getting up and moving around. And one more thing! if you are TTC then you should go ahead and start taking prenatal vitamins... ~Karah.


Bamacutie123456789 - September 3

i need help yall im 18yrs old and im having problems because i dont know who is the father of my baby its between two boys and im so scared i dont know what to do but i had my cycle in january 9, 2006 but my doctor said i got pregnant at the end of january but that was when i was with my boyfriend at the end of january and arount the 1st part of january i was with someone else please help me i dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sincerely Natasha



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