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squirrely4 - August 27 ~~~FIRST NO FIGHTING OR PUTTING OTHER PEOPLE DOWN. ~~~What i want to know what / how people feel about a website just for TTC teens. When do you think is too early, what age do you want to be when your kids are 18 ect.. ONCE AGAIN THE WAY ONE PERSON FEELS IS THERE OPINON ,,, YOU DONT HAVE TO BELIEVE IT ... JUST RESPECT IT....


krissy2006 - August 27

Hey Squirrely . . . I think I understand your question so I'll answer it how I percieve it. I think a website ONLY for ttc teens is a bad idea. (just my opinion) If adults cannot go in and impart their knowledge and experience the ttc teens may only receive bad info. (BTW when I say their knowledge and experience I by no means mean to go in and degrade, insult and belittle these girls) I do however, truly believe that teen ttc are looking for someone to love and who will love then unconditionally. What they feel will be a person who will always be there and love them unconditionally also depends on them for every little thing including clothes, food, love, and the experience of a parent prepared to teach their child. My mom had me when she was 16 and she was THE BEST MOM EVER, and I didn't suffer but she did!! She sacrificed EVERYTHING for me. She dropped out of school, got a job and worked and worked and worked. Only now, almost 22 years later is she no longer working to help me live my life. So I think a website for teens ttc is a GREAT IDEA but not solely for Teens TTC. Somewhere they can go to non-judgemental adults for good counseling and advice.


krissy2006 - August 27

I hope that was the question . . . lol **sticky mexican baby dust***


krissy2006 - August 27

EEK!! I just realized how bad that sounds to someone who doesn't know what I am talking about. Ok everybody else who reads this. I am in Mexico where everybody is PG so I have been sending "sticky baby dust from mexico where babies pop daily like popcorn" to


squirrely4 - August 27

Krissy, you answered the way i wanted people to read this. i THINK young girls/teens need a place where they can go and talk but also need some one they can talk to that has been there done that , and can give them the real examp of what changes when you have a baby but also not belittle them.


Bebita_Linda - August 31

the website isnt workin or c_min up


Bebita_Linda - August 31

never mind it was the line at the end


Bundlesoflove - June 4

I run the site. I am also formerly a mother at 17 and I do not support girls that cannot support themselves and a baby. The site was developed for young women 16 - 24 who are financially and mentally stable enough to raise a child to go and not be harra__sed. I have yet to see one site where these girls can go without harra__sment and that is because if older women are on the site they dont understand it or go into the girls situation and evaluate. They just simply harra__s them and I wanted this to stop. Harra__sing girls that want a baby young provokes them to do it more and in some cases the girls are not ready but because of the harra__sment they feel another need to keep trying. There for I beleive my site is a great idea and I stand tall and proud of it. P.S. You really should not bash something you know nothing about. My site does not support all young girls being ttc just the ones able to handle the difficulties of being a young mother.


krissy2006 - June 10

I have so changed my opinion a whole year later. But that is besides the point.


docbytch - June 10

Having had my first at 19...I recall pretty clearly how people used to perceive me as a young mom with limited resources. The irony is that now...I am finally having my second...and I am 40!!! Geez. Now it's the other extreme. But I recognize that people will, if given the chance, surprise you. We should all do our best not to pigeonhole others just because we have preconceived notions of what WE think their lives are like.


peacexlove - August 3

wow, almost a year after this post was up, I finally found it. I think it's a good idea, and I understand completely where you are coming from. I'm 17 and not REALLY ttc, but I was, and my fiance and I got discouraged. Now we just have unprotected s_x every time, and if it happens, good, if not, we keep doing it not necessarily trying. That way we don't get upset, which sounds like a good idea in theory, but doesn't really work about, because I still cry every time I get a period. But a site where no adults could go would be helpful. Extremely helpful. I'm sorry, but if I here one more person who doesn't even know my name, let alone my financial and mental status, tell me that I'm going to fail at not only being a mother, but also a wife, I think I'm going to scream. I've been engaged for a year...well on 8/4 it will be, and I've had so many people tell me that I wouldn't even make it this far. There needs to be a place where people like me can go and talk without someone telling me I'm bound to suck. No matter what flowers and nice scents you add on to what you're saying, it still adds up to that. The post about teens ttc read this first, is amazing, if you really want to get through to someone, tell them like that, don't bash them. They'll just want to prove you wrong.



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