What About 15

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Lisa - May 3

Is 15 to young to get pregnant. what do you think?


My humble opinion - May 3

Definately. The maturity level and the responsibility level isn't developed enough to take on the complete responsibility of raising a child. This is true for both parents. Most of these situations end up with the 15 year old's parents and family shouldering the responsibility and raising of the baby while the child mother grows up and matures herself.


K - May 4

i had my daughter at 16 and i knew i couldnt do it. i gave her to a wonderful woman who loves her more then life itself. i had her for about a 2 weeks before i gave her up and being 16 with a new born was sooo hard. i couldnt do anything and i longed for my friends and the life i had before. i now have my wonderful 2 year old who is more loved then any child i know. her adoptive family have excepted me as family and i talk to them about once a month. i get lots of pictures as well! dont get pregnant till your at least 20, when you know a relationship, your on your own and you know what life is like. if you can wait past 20 do it, unless you know your ready.


Lissi - May 4

I think 15 is too young. At 15 you are still a child.


monica - May 4

what is the rush....enjoy being a teenager and going to school. Have fun and then consider having any kids.


Sad - May 4

THat is soo depressing that you would even ask that. I always think the kids that want a baby must not be getting any love from their own families and think that this will solve it.


Yes - May 4

Oh my gosh you are still a child. You really have no concept of what raising a child takes. Maybe an appt. w/ Dr. Phil is in order!!!!!


MizNusty - May 4

Are you finacially able to support it at 15?


Marcia - May 4

Yes it is too young! Why would you want to take on that resposibility. Let me a__sure you they are NOT dolls.


brittany - May 4

Its not up to anyone to say unless they are in the situation. I had my daughter at fifteen and I was more than able to raise her properly. Shes eight now and I have 2 other children and a wonderful husband and its been great. I am not saying everyone could do it but it can be done!


Vikki - May 5

Yes it is, you have your whole life ahead of you. 15 your still in school... live a little first


becca - May 5

yes it is too young.... but you can to it i have and i would like to say i am quite able to look after my daughter and i enjoy it very much and my family does not help because i say i do not want them to beasause i no i can do it with out there helo me n my b/f do it great my family are always there if i need them which is always good but i dnt feel like i do but it does change everything i do miss bein a teenager i used to love getting drunk just being a teenager but now if i did that it wpould feel wrong io just couldnt i have matured a hell of a lot and now im more mature then most of my friends which is a shame because we have less in commen now so please my advise is dont plan it UNLESS YOUR WILLING TO GO THE WHOLE 9 YARDS and not just give up when uve had enough its a life time comitment know going back once its done


Melissa - May 5

15, 16, 17, 18 ,19, 20, 21 are all too young. Live your life first. If you have a child at that age, the the father of that child dumps you. Good luck finding anyone else that will marry you


brittany - May 5

you will find someone great to marry you. Just because you have a child that doesnt me your doomed forever! I found a great man to care for me and my daughter


Nat - May 5

Just because you get pregnant at one of those ages doesn't mean that the fater will leave you. The father can leave at ANY age. I was 20 when my son was born, and my husband (the father) and I will be married for 5 years this year. And there are alot of good guys that are out there and take on children that are not their own. I agree 15 is too young, several of my cousins had babies at 16 and 17, and they have the most wonderful children. It took their parents help and everyone elses, but no one could imagine them not in our lives. Things happen for a reason!!!!


Jessy - May 7

Gee Melissa, that's kinda harsh...I got married at 20 and had my first at 21...sure I was already in a stable relationship...but you'd have to be a pretty evil woman who has raised an evil child for absolutley NO man to ever love you enough to care for you and your child...my cousin had a child out of wedlock at 17 and this summer at age 20, she's getting married..and the guy is NOT the father of the child...I always considered her a spoiled brat...but maybe having the child matured her enough to even have a relationship w/a man...I'm not saying it's right...but we all live and learn some way or another...and in her case it was the wrong way...but apparently it has worked!


unknown - May 11

15 is too young to get pregnant you should want until you are at least 20



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