What About 15

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tiff - July 23

well lisa I'm 15 and i may be pregnant by an older man but i think that i'm to young to take on the life of a child and i'm one myself. what do you think?


Keri - July 27

I agree with Jessy (May 7th) I think Melissa does not know what she is saying!! Have you been in that postion to comment? I think NOT! I was 15!!! I am not married with my now 9 year old and expecting (and I would like to note that I would not have a 2nd if I could not afford it)!!! I have a very good job, house and am doing very well for my self! At this point I make more $$ then my mother who also very well off! I would have to say, I have a lot more most 25 year olds! Don't get me wrong! It was not fun!!!! I is one of the hardest things to deal with, losing your friends, having to work all the time to put your self through school... Just think about it long..... and hard! best of luck!!


Keri - July 27

OH... and I think you all need to read "PK's" comments from July 22nd!! Good for you "PK"!!!!


Keri - July 27

Sorry everyone, I just wanted to make a correction... I am married. Just got ahead of myself there!


Kris - July 29

Melissa, That was really wrong of you to say!!!I was 19 with my first and had 2 more by the time i was 25 the father of the boys and i broke up..It was a good thing!! And I meet and married the most wonderful man and I am preggers with my 5 th all together, 2 are my hubbyies...I think 15 is too young but you can not say that no one will want you. My brother is in love with a women that has a child from another man..There are good guys out there..Sorry if you havent found one Melissa...but they are there!!!


lynn - August 12

i think that no matter what your age that if you are finacially and emotionally ready for a child then go ahead and do it, 15 is young to have a child there is no doubt about that but i was married at 14 had a house and brand new vehicle by the time i was 16 and as soon as we got those things we decided we were ready for a child..we have been trying to conceive for 18mons and most people told me that wanting a baby was just a pa__sing stage that i was going through but i knew that it wasnt because i couldnt look at a child without crying or go through a clothing store without making my way to the baby section and then starting to hate everyone of my family and friends that got pregnant..i dont think that ur parenting skills are based on age because i know many young people who are great parents and i know parents who waited till they were older who dont care anything about their children...just make sure before u get pregnant that u really want it and that ur boyfriend isnt going to decide that he doesnt want to be a daddy when u are 8 mons pregnant..whatever u decide i wish u alot of luck!!!!


Shy Gurl - August 16

Girl buy your self a puppy and try to take care of it and dont be running off to your mom or dad to take care of it . And if you dont take care of a puppy what makes you think you can take care of a child.



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