What Age Of Everyones First

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gracie - April 30

Hi, I am currently 38 weeks along with my first little boy and am 29 years old. I want to have at least one more, but wanted to wait a couple years in between. has anyone had sucessful pregnancy after 30? Ps. I am sooooooooo excited to be meeting my little angel soon! How does everyone get through these last weeks waiting???


hello - April 30

20 with my first and 29 with my second. Congrats and Good Luck


karynlynn - April 30

i was 19 when i had my first which is pretty young, but luckily i come from a big family and have been around babies my whole life so it wasnt a big shock. i am now 22 expecting baby # 2 w/ my hubby!!!


Lisa - April 30

I have 5 children..first one i had at 21, another at 23, 3rd at 27, 4th at 29. I seperated from my husband at 35 and i have since remarried...i am now 39 and have recently given birth to my 5th baby. I had all the tests done to ensure i was going to have a healthy baby, i took really good care of myself during my pregnancy and my baby is just perfect!! I don't think there really is a 'limit' to what age you can have a baby. I know that after 35 it is more difficult to conceive a child and have good eggs for fertilisation. My husbands mother had him at 42. I have met quite a few women who are having their first babies at my age.


c - May 1

gracie, my mom had her 2nd 7yrs ago when she was 35. very successful. i think it was treated as "high risk" but wasn't necessarily so. anyway her delivery at her age went a lot better than mine did at 21! lol! the waiting sucks... i know! i had my mom come stay with me and entertain me. do last minute shopping...read...don't watch tv it will make you feel even worse...talk on the phone...write letters...start a sc___p book for your baby...get creative. good luck


Keyon's mommy - May 1

I think for eighteen to twenty eight depending on your status ( money, house, independent... if not married, finished school, decent job, etc).


A - May 1

I was 37 when I had my first son. I'm 38 now and looking forward to having another.


shelly - May 1

I married and had my first child at 19 (too young). I had my second at 22. Got divorced at 28 and am now remarried and very happy. My husband also has one child but we would like to have one together. I am now 33 and I just wanted to say thanks for all of your postings. I was feeling like maybe I was too old to be thinking about it but I feel a lot more rea__sured now. This is our first month of trying, Wish us lots of LUCK.


Maddie - May 1

My bf had a baby at 19, I have two close friends and myself who are all 21 and expecting our first. On the flip side my aunt, who is 38 is expecting her first child, so we are both really excited. I would have liked to wait longer, only because I feel like a baby sometimes, myself. But regardless, my husband and I are thrilled.


Rose - May 2

Gracie, My sister-in-law had a beautiful healthy baby boy a little over a year ago. She was 35 and had just gotten married.


dee - May 2

Hi I was 18 years old when i had my little boy. he is 6 this month


~S~ - May 2

Hello, I'm 25 and having my first child. I never expected to become pregnant so soon, although my family keeps telling me that I'm at a good age to start having children. I'm happy and excited, but very nervous and scared, the thought of me being called "Mommy" is still weird. I'm due Aug 26th, so I'm 23 weeks.


Mimi - May 2

This is my first child, I am 19 weeks along and I am 34 years old.!


Liz - May 2

I was 29 w/ 1st and ttc #2 at 36 years old. Most people I know waited til they were late 20's to mid 30's to get preg.


Audrea - May 2

This is my first and I am 30. My sister is 29 and is trying for her first, as is my brother and his wife for their first ( him-32 her-34) my other brother also is trying for first with his wife (31) It's funny because my mother was 18 and her twin was 19 with their children and now all of their children will at least be 30 before they have their first child. Times sure have changed between generations. My sister, myself, and both brothers all got married within the last year as well close to 30 years old.


Jessy - May 2

Got married at 20, #1boy at 21 and #2boy at 23...3rd will be coming now when I'm 25...my first 2 are only 21 months apart and I wanted it that way because they could be the best of friends...it's so awesome that they always have someone to play with..I imagine it would be rather hard if you had to work but if you're a stay at home mom like me, think of the kids and have them close together...you can handle it! I wished my sister was not 5 years older than me...I ended up being best buddies w/my brother, who is 2 and a half years older than me..and my brother who is 6 years older is just like, so distant...so I'm hoping now to have 2 girls in a row after these 2 boys so they all get to have best buddies in the house! It really makes life together as a family just so much more fun, so the first kid doesn't always get stuck w/the chore of "watching" the younger one, and "doing ALL the chores, because the baby is too small still" the older ones tend to hate that...but the closer they are together, the more they share the FUN AND THE CHORES! You just won't get a break for a couple of years..but hey, they'll enjoy it and thank you for it later...believe me!


Kelly K - May 2

I'm 27 and this is my first. Plan on waiting until I'm at least 30 before having #2.



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