What Do U Mean Lets Not Bash These Young Ppl

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me me me - October 15

i think that these kids trying to have kids should be told how it is. It is really sad they think they can care for a baby go home and get a pet. I feel sorry for the next generation


Andi - October 15

I agree, trying to get pregnant at such a young age should not be encouraged. I don't think that these girls really truely know what they are getting into, how their parents will react, if their "boyfriend" will stick around. How will they financially support these babies, are they going to live off of the government, increasing the poverty rate. They need to get a grip on reality.


sherry - October 16

i mean bashing them won't help them, or stop them, it probobly just makes their desire stronger!! talking common sense on their level, is what will help them most. they are too young, i never denied that.


stingy - October 17

Half of these posts are probably jokes from bored teenage kids. I wouldn't waste my energy on it. The teen pregnancy rate in the US has been on the decline for the last 4/5 years. Most teen pregnancies are accidents and not planned so yelling at a few trolls is not going to change anything.


skinnyminny - December 11

You are all so sick. Patient guidance works better than calling them trolls, suggesting puppies, and telling them they need swift kicks in the a**. If any of you really gave a c___p about whether these girls want babies or not you would reach out to help them, not dismiss them as stupid, or verbally bashing them. Some of these girls just need a good talking TO, not talking at. They need someone to show concern. Obviously they have been misled about this whole, motherhood thing. Well, lead them already. P.S. Puppies don't help. You want a baby, why don't you try a puppy first, then come back and tell us you don't want a baby anymore. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.



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