What Do You Think Is The Best Age To Get Pregnant

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Need Answers - May 1

What age do you think is too young to get pregnant (Last age you think is too young, if you think 18 is okay answer would be 17)? What age do you think is the best age to get pregnant (Exact number you think is the best age for example 30 is perfect)? What age do you think is too old to get pregnant (If you think anything over 50 is too old answer would be 50)?


Abby - May 1

I think 16 is too young, 25 is perfect and 40 is too old.


Caitlyn - May 1

I personally think 16 is way to young, I would say 22 is too young, I agree with the poster 30 is perfect, and 45 is too old!!!


What I think - May 2

I think 18-35 is the perfect age range to get pregnant. I think our bodies are most suitable to carry between that time. I think 17 is too young and 45 is too old. However I don't think it matters what I think. God is the one who decides. Blessing and prayers for the ones struggling with unwanted pregnancies at any age. Congratulations to all who are pregnant and are ready. I love reading all the comments of others as I go through my pregnancy. This is a great site!


22yrold - May 2

i think under 14 is too young,best age 25 and too old would be over 50


Just me me - May 2

I think under 21 is too young, 30 is perfect and over 45 is too old.


Shanna - May 2

I think it really all depends on the person. But for specific ages I would say: I think 17 is too young, 20-25 is perfect, and 40 and up is too old.


??? - May 2

Does anyone have any reasons as to why they think these ages are too young, perfect, or too old? Just curious.....


Lindsey - May 2

To be quite honest..Everyone has their own opinions. I myself, got married at the age of 19 and had my son when I was 20. He is now 3 1/2, and I'm so glad I didn't wait til I was in my 30's. Granted, you don't get to do quite everything you want to at that age, but I found that being a younger mommy suits me perfect. So, your question in my opinion- youngest-20, and oldest-45. Good luck to all! :)


Audrea - May 2

I read in a pregnancy book that the best age for a woman's body to carry the most successful pregnancy is between the ages of 25-35. It says the body is mature enough to handle the pregnancy and mentally and emotionally most women have matured enough to be a mother by that time and finally know what they want out of life and are ready to settle down with a partner. Not to say that I don't think there are exceptions to the age range it uses. I know when I was 20 I was crazy about babies, but I am so glad that I waited until now to have a child at 30. I got all my crazy days of college over with and time to find the right guy and have a little fun with him before settling down to family life and have the means to do it financially more so than when I was younger. It makes a huge difference to me. I do wonder if I will have the energy my mother had at 20 when she had me. I sure hope so.


Jessy - May 2

By the age of 30 you're a "high risk" pregnancy...so i say, have as many as you can while you're young and your body is strong! I got married at 20, had #1 at 21, #2 at 23 and now I'm going on #3 at 25, planning (or hoping) for #4 at 27 and stopping right there and enjoying watching them all grow up...it's a wonderful adventure..yet some may not be as educated or mature enough to handle it as I am...I'm actually planning to homeschool..most women would be happy to be rid of their little one by the age of 5 but not me! I love them and want to pa__s on all the knowlege and wisdom I can..and I can choose the best because I'm involved every second of it...I enjoy them far too much to let them go be taught by a stranger..call me strange...but some of the best kids I've ever seen have come from a family w/homeschool!! So hey, some people ARE too young, only because they are selfish and refuse to learn somthing new unless it's forced upon them..even then they still tend to be selfish...so, everybody's different!


Kim - May 2

I think that 25-30 is perfect for your first. But it all depends on your situation in life and what you are comfortable with. I wanted a career first and the abitilty to have a lot in savings and so I got married at 28 and pregnant at 30. My husband is the same age and we think that our timing is perfect for us since we have been able to establish our lives together and are in a very good financial position so that I can be a stay at home mom after the baby comes. For others, those things don't matter as much. I do want to correct the poster before me, however. 35 is where high risk begins, not 30. That is based on age alone. A 20 year old can be high risk, though, if (as an example) they were carrying twins.


elizabeth - May 2

who is to say that there is a perfect age. i am 19 and pregnant with my first baby. i'm due on dec 2nd. i mean at 19 yeah i'm scared and still in college and unsure of alot but i know that i'll make a better mom then some women i know that are 40. who's to say that marriage and money and age have anything to do with being a perfect parent. being a perfect parent has more to do with your relationship with the child. my parents were 28 and 32 when i was born and were well off but they would have rather spent their time traveling then with me. were they under the defition of the perfect age to have kids...i would say so. but that doesn't mean they were perfect. i love my parents and they were always good to me but being a parent is about the child not about age. so who's to judge or even pose the question.


Nena - May 3

I thing that the best time to get prego is from 28 to 35. Not just because of too yong or too old but because by this time your body needs to be freshened with pregnancy sot you can stay "yonger" after giving birth at 30s example. I have nothing against having children at a yonger age, however, I would recommend them to have another one at 30 or 35 just becouse of their own health. I am 29 and TTC for 4 1/2 yrs this means that I wanted to get prego at 25 when I got married but I coudn't. Baby dust to all and good luck. *****


Elizabeth - May 3

I think you have to consider many factors. Sometimes the body may be physically ready but personal circ_mstances can alter a persons "readiness". I believe that a women should wait until she is in a healthy, & stable relationship before getting pregnant. If you are just becoming a newlywed in your 20's, it may be best to settle in the relationship and the marriage first. The sad fact is that we have an enormously high rate of divorce these days. Being a single parent is just not easy on anyone involved. My 2 cents is for women to consider the health of their situation more than the age of their bodies. FYI~ 30 is not considered HIGH risk. Anything above 35 is. I am currently 33 and my OB says i've got plenty of time. I have been married 2 yrs. and my husband and I are going to start trying soon. Good luck to all no matter what age you are!!!


T - May 3

A woman's most fertile and healthy baby years (scientifically speaking) are between the ages of 20 and 25.


Laana - May 3

I think under 21 is too darn young. 29-39 seems ideal for having children and over 45 is too old.



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