What Do You Think Is Too Young

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Curious - April 30

I just want opinions on the age that everyone thinks is too young. Ie if you think anything below 18 is too young. A better way to ask the question: What do you think is the age at which people should start having s_x. For example anything after 18 is okay.


A - May 1

I've had s_x with only one man in my life and that's my husband! We met in high school when we were 17 and got married when we were 22. I believe in waiting until marriage because then you know you have the right guy. A guy who loves and cares about you - not someone who will just use you for a good time. Or worse, a guy who could give you a disease.


chrissy - May 1

I think that you should wait until you are atleast 21 to get pregnant because your life changes a lot and you grow a lot more from 18 to 21.


jen - May 2

well i was 18, i was going out with my boyfriend then for 2 years we started going out when we where 16 it was both of our first times and we new each other befor we started going out for about a year!i would never ever of done it with just some random guy i new for 5min!i new i wanted it to be him because any other guys at the age of 16 if the where only out for s_x they wouldnt stay around for more then a few months but he did didnt even ask!we are still together now im 21 nearly 22 and couldnt be happyer and wouldnt want to change any thing and also would never regreat it either !but think its differnt for every body but even saying that under the age of 18 is abit young and think you should no the person well also!!x


LI - May 2

You whole life changes once you have a baby. I am a frim believer in getting some "living" out of the way so you have no regrets. I think if possible a woman shoule go to college, get married and build a life w/ hubby first. Just enjoy being young then worry about starting a family. I have 2 cousin who had "oops" and they really hard very hard times raising their children at such young ages.


Jessy - May 2

Chrissy that may just be you, some people just never grow up..and if you're asking the question when to have s_x...you're not ready for a baby...stop asking about s_x and find a guy who loves you for you and not your body, then marry him and give him all the s_x you want to AFTER you are married..honestly age doesn't matter if you REALLY love eachother and are COMMITTED to eachother thru thick and thin and are able to SACRIFICE and FORGIVE-if you are unable to do these things or don't even know what they mean...you'll never be ready for s_x, marriage, babies or anything in this life that comes your way...age really doesn't matter...but ask those who are closest to you to give you a maturity test for all these things...if they say you don't got 'em, fix it...THEN think about finding a guy (don't look in Singles' bars by the way, you're asking for a dud) give HIM this maturity test, if he doesn't measure up, dump and look until you find one who DOES measure up...you will be SO DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY YOU WAITED...your first step now is SELF CONTROL or all hope is lost for a good life girl! Hope this was helpful!


elizabeth - May 2

here's a funny story A...please don't take it the wrong way. i have a friend who's husband cheated on her and gave her an STD, she waited until she was married to have s_x and did everything by the book. so is there ever a right man? yeah but do you always marry him right off the bat, unforunately you can't know until it's probably too late. i'm not married, i've been engaged to a man other than my child's daddy and i've s_x with alot more. i don't have STDs, i don't have any regrets. one day i will get married and have a family in the traditional sense but in the meantime i will raise my baby once it gets here to the best of my ability. oh and to answer the question i started having s_x at 16. but i was ready then. it's not a choice i regret at all.


Lissi - May 4

I started having s_x at 16, but I wish I'd waited for a more meaningful relationship to come along, because the first guy wasn't worth it. I think it's too young to get pregnant under 20 but there are exceptions to the rule. I have a friend who got pregnant when she was 16. She turned out to be a wonderful mother and I hope I can do half as good a job as she's done. BTW I never had any STD's either because I always used condoms and I'm glad I played the field a little bit because I would have always been wondering what it was like to have s_x with another guy otherwise. I had three very good and satisfying relationships before marrying my hubby and I learnt something from each one of them. No regrets!


becca - May 5

i was 14 wen i lost it to my boyfriend i was with him for a year befor i didany thing and now im 16 in 2 weeks and have a gorgeous baby gal


Ca__sie - May 12

I personally think a secure marriage is the best way to bring a baby into the world. I met my husband when I was 16, married him when I was 20, and now 4 years later, am pregnant for the first time. I finished school and we've done some traveling too. For me, this was definitely the best way.


*** - May 19

Well, the youngest age I've seen on this site is 9 years old. THAT is too young!


amber k - May 20

I don't really think there is a right age for s_x. When you are with the right person and the moment is right then only you can make the choice. I do think it should be protected and at a time where you are mature enough to handle it emotionally and physically.


Louise - May 20

I think ideally from 20 - 40 is a good age to have children. I think also ideally the couple should be married or in a serious relationship that has lasted at least a year already though every couple are different and situation is different. It also varies alot as to how mature or "ready" a couple are. Some 21 year olds may be more ready than some 30 year olds depending on who they are and their experience/common sense. Although I think no matter what your age no one is "prepared" for the arrival of their first child it always involves learning as you go along and gain experience.


jessica - May 28

If you need to ask your probably too young!!


Sana - May 29

In my opinion, there is no such thing as too young, because i think God gave us puberty at such a young age for a reason. But what i do think is that you should be married first before you even think about havign s_x or relations with a male. Having a baby doesn't stop you from 'living', it merely gives you something new to live for. Plus when you've had your kids, you will still be young, you can grow with them and enjoy the same things that they enjoy and be able to relate to them cause you will still have your youth. Finding your soulmate young and settling down allows you to stay away from the evils of this world. It makes you responsible, it keeps thiings like AIDS, ex-boyfriends and all this unescessary baggage out of the picture. it gives you stability and it gives you an amazing sense of purpose. Having a support system is a bonus to getting pregnant young. Once you have this, you have everything....But that's just my opionion....:)


Tami - May 30

Personally I believe in waiting until marriage, but if you don't then wait until you are at least older and mature enough to handle the responsibilities a child will bring. Accidents do happen. As for me, I met my husband when we were both 13, we were best friends all through high school and dated our senior year. We went to our freshman years of college together, then he took off for two years to go serve a mission for our church and I went to Africa to do service. We were married when we were 21, and couldn't be happier. Personally, though I think you should go live your life without a boyfriend for a while, have fun, then start making decisions about boyfriends, s_x and children!


Hellspawn - June 5

If you pork under 18, you are a sinner, sorry.



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