What Is A Right Age For Pregnancy

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isha - June 9

i am 18 and married 5 months back. am willing to be pregnant. is it the right age? please suggest


MusicBabyWife2008 - June 10

19 or in your 20 it is easyer on the body and the baby to


sc__ppinspanky - June 11

Personally, I'd wait at least 2 or 3 years. You'll be surprised how much you grow and change over that amount of time, and having a baby so young would close so many doors for you! Just relax and enjoy this time with yourself and with your hubby. I know it's exciting to think about, but you really can't go back and change it once its done. Good luck!!! :)


mpillaga - June 11

when you feel your ready. I think that is the best time. Can you really put a number on it? People are ready for different things at different ages, I am 21 and married and have been ttc for almost a year and a half. Everyone says i am too young, but what to they really know about my life, right? I do agree with musicbabywife2008. The younger you are the easier it is on your body and the easier to conceive. I think if you are in a stable marriage and excited for motherhood, go for it!


britt_m - June 13

I got married at your age we've been married a few years now. My dd is just over 1 and I got pregnant just months after getting married. It really does make things so much tougher. I just now started college as I want to do something with my life and I'd like my dd to do the same, not just sit home and raise kids. But being a SAHM as well, I can only afford to take night cla__ses daycare is far too much. Our budget is very tight. We don't have any family they live across country so finding babysitters while he's deployed and while I have to go to cla__s is just horrible. I'd say wait a few years get some college under your belt, actually buy and own some cars maybe a house, just so your financially stable and won't have to worry about juggling bills and groceries. Please enjoy your time with your new hubby : ), we don't get alone time at all anymore. Go out and enjoy dates with him or theme parks!


CaliPitGirl - June 18

I'm 26 now and couldnt really imagine having a baby any sooner. Even though throughout my whole early twenties I swore I was ready.....I wasnt, LOL. At least wait until your over 21 so you can party.



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