What Is The Best Age To Get Pregnant

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Linda - November 8

When is the best age to get pregnant. I am 20 and would like to know when It would be safest and healthiest age to fall pregnant..


mama-beans - November 8

If it was me.. wait a few more years.. like 22 or 23 at least. Be 21, have fun out partying, etc.... have a stamble relationship, a home for your baby.. THEN get pregnant!


s - November 11

I think you need to grow up big time how dare you come on to this, and say something like that, don’t you realise that there are young kids out there reading this and think o cause I’m "young and sweet" I will have a baby… You need to get a life and start realising that the simplest things that you do have consequences!!! Get off this site. I hate people that think they are being smart and don’t realise that these kids needs support in there life not some stupid answer like that…………… anyway to I think 20 is a age to start getting your life ready to have a child, you have got to say to yourself, are you truly ready for this life changing experience. Am I in a stable relationship that will stay strong though the thick and the thin, will we be able to support your new addition of your family on one wage coming in? only you can make that decision. God bless, and keep me postedXX


s - November 11

i'm sorry the start of my answer is to chilli, the last part is to Linda


mama-beans - November 11

I think it should be obvious that chilli is a child just trying to get attention on this board. No one would seriously think 15 was an appropriate age to become a parent... and thinking that way.. well it sure makes you less "sweet" now doesn't it! I'm only 26, and it SHOCKS me how these children think! When I was 15 holding hands was a big deal.. got my first kiss at 16. And I was one of the POPULAR girls! ( yes, that is a steriotype, but it just means it wasn't for lack of attention from the boys) It truely makes me afraid to put my daughter into public schools.. if they are ALL this immoral I wouldn't want to expose her!


Lesley - November 12

I don't think there is a riht age.It all depends on if you are ready emotionally and are able to mnage financially. I had my 1st child when I was 17 (had only just turned 17 2 weeks before giving birth, had be come on time I would of been 16). I didn't kno wwhat to expect or realise how hard it would be. My partner joined the Army to get money for us, so I was alone most of the time. I didn't let it ruin my life though. I went to college and studied, got NVQ3 in painting and decorating. Now I'm 22 and have just had my 3rd child 5 days ago. I am managing fine. But thats not to say everyone will be the same. The forst year of motherhood was very hard. It only got easier once my partner left the army and I had someone to help.


Anita - November 12

well, i'm a nurse major and in nursing school they say anywhere between 25-35 is the best age range to have a baby. after 35 years of age there might be some complications such as miscarriages and birthstill.


what I was taught - November 12

19 to 27


coin toss/not sensible - November 12

wow nurse major so the age has risen from 19 to 27 to 25 to 35 ? well I think with each year after 27 it just becomes a little more foolish and by 35 it is plain and simply very foolish , geez what a cruel thing to do to your lives and bodies ! yikes when your children are 20 you will be 55 or older , the time you could be enjoying young grandchildren because at that age it is true most really love having young children in their lives because they are so giving and the time of life they really want to enjoy their rent a grandchild lives.... but don't mind giving them back at the end of the day . When your children are thirty five or older and having children I highly doubt any will meet grandparents . Say goodbye to having your parents in your childrens lives and geez in a fair number of cases say goodbye to you yourself being in your childs lives . This is not a sick joke , I'm talking about hip displacment ,arthritis,downsyndrome oh lord the list is huge . Three cheers for how smart we think we are when in the bible people supposedly lived for 100s of years but we are finding it difficult to get past 50 and each pa__sing year thereafter I don't know which is stupidest 'young teens or preseniors' . I think young teens but the preseniors are not far behind.


LOL - November 12

To the last poster: What a load of c___p. I've never seen such a stupid, senseless post. You must be about 13.


coin toss to LOL - November 12

to LOL Gong ! Huge chance I'm older than you "closing in on 50 "and have very young kids ...FOOOOOOOOL! how could I possibly make such claims or comments if I didn't know .?


LOL to LOL - November 12

I might ad that you are probably just as afraid of the truth as I am yet I don't think I could spoil adore and love my kids more at a younger age than I do now . My lifes experiences are so beneficial to my children , I think I find it easier to raise them than if I was younger and I believe they will be much more well informed than if I was young . I suppose I was too immature and unstable like the rest of you but trust me even economicly we are a huge disadvantage and burden to soceity > I can explain that one to you too if you like . oh and to the nurse .........welcome to educated propaganda.


UM??. - November 12

Where do you live that 50 is such an advanced age??? I'm 28, my father is 55, ( has 3 grandchildren that he chases around all the time) and that man is no where NEAR "old" . That is just c___p. MY grandparents, his parents, are in their late 70's, and THEY are still chasing around their GREAT grandchildren.... In fact, in my circle of influence, the only one who is "old" is my maternal gradfather, who broke his back at 30 and has been bedridden for the last 15 years because of his aging.. and that is it! my in-lawa are in their mid 50's and still skiing every winter, boating every summer, camping ( without a tent as is their preference) and doing all the things you claim they are too geriatric to do.. puh-lease. Despite your claims to the contrary, you WRITE like a very young person who wants to be credible but actually knows very little about what you write. And a fact for you...... The estimated life expectancy for a woman is around 72 years (according to recent polls.. taking into account the recent surge of b___st cancer and heart disease) not the 50 you seem to claim. If you are indeed the age you claim to be... well then I sure am sorry for you, I have never met someone your age who was so OLD. And feel compelled to add that my Aunt was 34 when she had her oldest. That child is 23 now, married, with a 1 year old.. and I have never seen a more active "grandmother". A 35 year old is MUCH more prepared to be a good parent then a 19 year old. Life experience counts for a lot.


to um?? - November 12

your whole story fits perfectly into what I just said so thankyou for BACKING ME UP . Do the math about your whole story PS thanks again LOL


to umm? - November 12

funny you should say I write like a very young person .


Bonnie - November 12

I have to agree with "Umm??" on this one. Coin Toss, your posts are down right silly. "when in the bible people supposedly lived for 100s of years but we are finding it difficult to get past 50 and each pa__sing year thereafter" That alone makes you sound like a young child. I won't even touch on the bible story part but, where on earth do you live where people struggle to get past 50?


coin toss - November 12

my children have no great-grandparents , nor grandparents and have only met a step mother briefly as she pa__sed away at age 71 when I was only 40 also my mother had her eldest child in her very early 30s . Sorry I said 50 as an example age in which people struggle to stay alive but I am not going to back down from having utilized it in the manner that I did because it is a good representation to my statement about child bearing years . I hope you can see that my personal fears are not as uncommon as you may be disagreeing . So which makes more sense to you 35 or older ,or each year below 35? and as perfect scenario as um's agreement to my explanation. She also provided a good example to the maternal grandfather situation .



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