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Curious??? - October 21

I am 100% pro-choice, have been since I found out that my grandma had to have an abortion. My grandmother has 9 healthy children, my mother was number 5. My grandmother had one miscarriage before my mother was born at about 3 months. And there was one abortion after my mother was born. This is how it happened. My gandma (happy as can be that she is once again pregnant) was about 6-7 months along when she started having sudden pains in her stomach, rushed to the hospital and found out the baby had implanted low in the uterus, now this was about 40 years ago, not with the technology they have today, and my grandparents had to make a choice to abort the baby because it was either the baby or my grandmother, they made the right choice! How was my grandfather supposed to raise (already 6) kids on his own with no mother. I was young when I found this out and didn't quite know the difference between pro-life and pro-choice. Not your body, Not your life, Not your choice is my moto. I personally have never had an abortion. I have had friends who have had to make this choice before and I have always supported them. Just wanted to know, what would you do if you are pro-life in this type of situation? Would you die to save this baby? Or would you choose to live on and try again. What about if you found out your fetus had a serious disease? Would you abort then? What are your standards?


Missy - October 21

Good questions. Your grnadmothers situation clearly dictated her actions. I would have done the same thing. It is not "noble" to die for your unborn fetus. Especially if you have 6 other children at home. She did the right thing. I am pro-choice. Always have been. My choice today would be to NOT have an abortion because I am old enough to know how NOT to get pregnant if I don't want to. I do not believe women who are just drunken s___ts should use abortion as a method of birth control. And believe me I know the drunken s___ts that I speak of. So don't anyone go all posting crazy about how I am calling all women drunken s___ts. You know a few of them too, you know you do. Anyway, I really don't know how to answer the question about aborting a fetus with a serious disease. I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and I would hate to abort this pregnancy, but I don't know if I would be financially able to care for a baby with a very serious illness. I have to return to work after I have my baby which is hard enough to do with a healthy child but a sick child needing special care? I may have to quit my job. But we are a two-income household, so quitting would be impossible. Tough question.


HH - October 24

Someone I know, a mom of three, had to choose to continue her pregnancy at the likely risk of her life or to abort to make sure she was around to care for her kids. She and her husband really wanted that baby, but they let it go. You have to take care of the kids you already have first. They made the right decision and so did your Grandma, even though it will always remain the saddest part of their lives.


. - November 2



Hi - November 2

If it came down to me living and taking care of my family, or me to die and my husband have to take care of everything-I would probably abort. Because I know what it is like to miscarry and lose a child I think me and my husband could get past that. However, if I found out that the baby was sick or had downs or something I would continue to give it a chance.


Mommy - November 2

I am pro-life, but in certain situations I understand. If I was pregnant with a child that would likely die and likely kill me too, I would abort it. It would kill me inside, but if you have other children to take care of here then it is selfless to have an abortion for the sake of the other kids. I would hope I was doing the right thing and I would hope to God that we would all be together in Heaven when the time comes. I just want to cry for all the healthy babies getting aborted because poeple don't want them. I want to cry for the sick ones too but they are better off in Heaven then here on Earth suffering and sick.



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