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jal239 - January 31

I realize tht there are many full time working mothers out there, but my question is how do you not feel so overwhelmed. We are hoping to start a family in the next yr., but I just think that I will feel so overwhelmed with having to hold a full time job and take care of a baby. How can I ensure that I am going to be the best mother. I will be 30 by the time the baby arrives, i just want to get over this feeling that I am not going to be able to handle everything. I sometimes feel that maybe we should not have a child b/c I will feel so overwhelmed, but I keep feeling that I am ready.


ChaycesMom - January 31

I am 28 and pregnant with my 2nd child. I felt overwhelmed at first, but as my child got older I welcomed my job. Sometimes you just have to think of work as a mini vacation. I know how awful that sounds. I just spend as much time with my child in the am, if possible, and at night when I get home. It will be hard at first, but you will eventually not feel as overwhelmed. I'm not sure if this helped or not, but I hope so. :)


jal239 - January 31

ChaycesMom: Thanks so much for the pep talk. I know I really want to be a mom, but I just want to hear other moms experience with raising children and working full time. It helps to rea__sure me that I know that we are doing the right thing. Thanks again and congrats on your second child!!!!


EricaG - January 31

I came to this decision making point also. But I took a different option that I don't know if you are willing or even able to consider. My husband and I decided to live off of just his salary while I would be a stay at home mom. I felt that I could better raise our kids, keep a nice clean house, and take care of my husband's needs, without feeling overwhelmed by a job outside the home. I never wanted to see my children put into day care at 12 weeks so mommy could go back to work. It just wasn't a price I was willing to pay. This is what the best decision was for me, but continuing to work may be the best choice for you. Everyone's different. My mom was a full time working mother (single parent at times). And she was a GREAT mother and I'm sure that you will be too. Even if you are working full time, it doesn't mean you love your kids any less or that you can't take the best care possible of them. If working is something that is important or neccesary for you, then it is what is right for you and it will work out like it did with chaycesmom. tons of moms do it and you can too =)


jal239 - January 31

Thanks so much EricaG!!!! I really appreicate it. Unfortunately, I would have to work (My husband has a grat job, but his benefits aren't tht grat). I have a pretty laid back job, but it is still full time. Hopefully when the time comes for us to really start trying, I will feel better. Thanks again!!!!!


frankschick2001 - February 1

I wonder the same thing too! My best friend is having her second baby in a couple of weeks and works full time. She said it was hard to go back to work, but that she also welcomed getting out of the house as well. I know I will be a great mother, working or not. My main concern is how will we keep up all the housework??? That is honestly what I worry about the most when considering keeping my job.


Heidi - February 1

I just had my daughter after I turned 30 and I work full-time also. It's not that bad. I miss her a lot but I get home early enough that I get to spend a lot of quality time together. We don't have other kids so if the house is a little messy, who cares. We don't do much outside of work and if we do, I bring my daughter with! I'm glad I waited this long. Actually she wasn't even planned. I didn't plan on having any kids but here she is and it's soooo awesome! I guess my advice would be to try to simplify your daily life and it won't be overwhelming. I thought the same things as you are but once she was born you don't even think about that kind of stuff anymore. Nothing matters but your child and everything else is minor stuff.



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