When Is It Safest To Fall Pregnant

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TLC - November 29

im 20 now and thinking about falling pregnant when I turn 22. Is this a good age to have a baby, or should I think about having one now or later then that. Any advice will help me so much. I am married and can support a baby now. I just dont want to look back and say I should of had a baby when i was 21 or the oposite. Please give advice. Thank you


Kristen - November 29

when you feel ready to have a baby try for one. if you want one now and your DH wants one now too then go for it but if you both want to wait wait. I don't think there is a RIGHT age or RIGHT time to have a baby. i think it varies from person to person. I had my first when i was 18 and now i'm 21 and about to have my second. i have a friend she's 21 and just had her first and another who is also 21 and hasn't had any yet. we are all different and i think the right time is when you feel ready you yourself to have a baby


Miranda - November 30

Can we PLEASE stop saying "fall" pregnant? What are you 95 years old? I hate to nit-pick, but this bothers me to no end. Oh and "AF" in reference to a woman's PERIOD. This antiquated language does nothing for women, so stop using it!


TLC - December 5

MIRANDA, this website is for people like me to come to for advice and support, so If I want to talk about babies, and 'falling' pregnant, then thats just what I will do. You have no right to tell anyone on this website what language they should use, if you dont like it then dont read it, its as easy as that... :-)


// - December 5

Miranda, I am 26 and my entire circle of friends, from 21 to 34, say "fall pregnant"..Maybe it is a geographocal thing, or a maturity thing, not sure.. also, AF is just easier and faster to type then period.


to TLC - December 5

I think you have a great plan for yourself! If you and your DH are ready, then 22 is a great age to start your family! That way you can celebrate your 21st year in any way you want ( wine at dinner maybe?) and I have NEVER met anyone who waited past 21 who regretted waiting ( unless they waited till late 30's.. and even then they wish they had started mid to late 20's, not 21 or earlier)... but I HAVE met several ladies who didn't wait and wished that they did. Plus you have just that much longer to solidify your relationship. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders.. good for you for planning!


TLC - December 5

I just want to thank you all for the support and advice. I have decided to wait until I turn 22, I guess I will be back on this website again one day. Thank you again, good luck to all of you and maybe I will be chatting with you again one day. Bye



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