When To Try For Next Child

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Jenny - July 13

My husband and I are very blessed to have our darling son who just turned nine months. I am going to turn 30 and my husband really wants to start trying. I kind of want to start trying for the next child too, but I am concerned about finances and will we be able to handle another child


sheena - July 13

I would wait untill your first child is 3.


me - July 15

My mom had 4 kids and we are each roughly 2 years apart. I think that is a really good age difference because even though we fought sometimes when we were kids, we always had each other there to play with. I think it made it easier on my mom that we were able to entertain each other. Now, we are VERY close to each other.


Jamie - July 16

I was conceived when my older brother was 8 months old. I don't think there's a sibling pair (not counting twins) closer than he and I - we shared many of the same cla__ses in school, and had most of the same friends growing up. I have loved having a built-in best friend, playmate, confidant, big brother, scape goat - I can't even begin to describe the closeness he and I share, to the exclusion of all else - including my husband and my brother's fiance. I think giving your son a sibling so close in age would be the greatest gift for both of your children...but, at the same time - if you choose NOT to conceive again right now, it won't be detrimental to either child.


soleil - July 17

I have a 6mo. old and would like to have another baby in 2 years. Me and my oldest brother are 15 years apart, and my and my second oldest brother are about 10 years apart. I had nothing in common with neither one of them. I always wished I had a brother or sister that was much closer to my age cuz I wanted someone to talk to late at night, or wanted to see them at school or someone to play with. That is why if I have another baby I want it to be no more than 4-5 years younger then the baby I have now.


K - August 8

hi jaime thanks so much for your post. i found it very rea__suring since my babies are going to be so close together.



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