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Jessica - May 22

That I get looked down upon for being a teen mom? I mean i am doing better then ssome adults but hey still feel the need to say something to me about beind "so" young. I am 17 I am graduating high school a year early, I have be accepted to 2 colleges and i have full intentions of going, my Uncle has a house that he is letting my daughter and I stay in free of charge, after I have my baby I am pregnant with right now (who will be adopted) I am going to start work at a Title Company. See I am doing good! For my daughter, son, and me! I just don't understand why people feeel the need to be so rude to me.


Tammy - May 22

Jessica- Everyone says you are young because you are. I have been in your shoes. I was also pregnant at 16 (gave birth at 17). I gave my daughter up for adoption because that what my parents wanted. I have finished college, gotton married, worked, and now have 2 children and expecting a third. If I wasn't so young I would not have had to give my daughter up for adoption. Even after all these years..it's still painful. Do I understand you correctly. You have a daughter and are pregnant with a son? At 17? I wish you the very best. It sound like you are very determined to get your education and have good family support.


Heidi - May 23

Right on Girl! You go on with your bad self!! lol, jk! Well that is great to hear that you are doing so good! Im glad, and you are right, you sure are doing better than alot of adults! Im happy for you and good luck and congratulations! good luck to you in the future.


Eliza - May 23

I am 37 w/ one child and I always hear are you having ANOTHER? People are VERY judgemental if you don't fit their choice. You are very, young but it seems like you have it together. Most people where I live have their children from 27-40. They do the college thing, job climbing, marriage then the baby thing. Unfortunately it seems human nature for people to act ignorant voicing their opinions. I am sure you know how tough it is and are gdoing your best just like I am. Take care and hang in there!!!!! You'll be "old" soon enough!!!!!


klm - May 31

I just want to say that I really respect anyone who has the courage to give their baby up for adoption, I think it is a beautiful thing to give a baby to a family who is more able to care for it.


*.* - May 31

Jessica...you know, about 20 years ago, everything was backwards. People had kids young...people got married young...now everyone is getting older and wanting to get everything out of the way...then having kids. It is all about "what society says" and that is c___p. You do what you need to do and to hell with everyone else...are they in your shoes? Have they lived your life? NO. So who are they to say anything to you? Good luck!


dmr - June 1

I think sometimes people are frusterated by people on here who keep making the same mistakes over & over. I wonder why if you already are a teen Mom you didn't take precautions from becoming pregnant with another baby you can't care for. Your actions affect many peoples lives, not just yours. BTW I agree with the other post, I have a lot of respect for women who give their babies up for adoption, I am sure it is horribly difficult.


Jen - June 2

I gave my first born up for adoption too because thats what my parents wanted. Its been 2 1/2 years and I used to hate my parents for encouraging me to put her up for adoption but when I get the pictures and letters of her she looks so happy! She is only 2 and a half and has already been to Disney World and a c___p load of other places! I could have never of given her that because I was living on state and barely sc___ping by. I am proud of my desison now knowing she is happy and made the lives of the adoptive parents better. I am now married and expecting another girl in July!


sm - June 2

Dont worry what other people say, and even if you didn't have a job to start or graduated high school you are still valuable as a person. Some adults? You my girl are an adult, and a very nice one by the sound of it. Adoption is a hard thing to do, but there are SO many infertile couples ready to offer a wonderful home for a baby and dont get the opportunity because abortion is considered ok, but giving up a baby for adoption is frowned upon. If you give up your baby you will be doing a wonderful and SELFLESS thing. People tend to be judgemental, i am in my 40's and pregnant so i get the other end of the rude comments! Just ignore them, it is the only way to go through life, take in the good and ignore the bad. Dont try to understand why others are rude, they have their own issues and it is a waste of energy to try and figure it out.


sm - June 2

Jen, you should be proud of yourself, you have put the needs of you first born before your own and that is the hardest thing to do. Congratulations on you upcoming baby!!!


kEEKEE - June 3

I would not worry about what people think and say. Some women are upset because of their own problems with getting pregnant. So they take it out on the teen girls here. I am sorry to hear about the way people treat you. We have all made mistakes. That is a part of life. You live and learn. You make the decisions that is right for you and your kids. Don't worry about anyone else.....Congrats on being accepted to 2 colleges. You will make a good future for you and your family. Pick a college with a daycare. That would make things a little easier for you. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Good luck!!!!!


Tammy - June 3

Jen, - We both have given out daughter's up for adoption and we both know how painful it is. It literally was the worst day of my life. It still seems like yesterday. I on the other hand did not have an open adoption. I think that is why it is still so hard for me emotionally. Good luck with your new arrival!


Jessica - June 13

Thanks everyone!


Jamie - June 14

I can share a giggle with you...I get the evil "unmarried teenage whore" look all the time from random people... Strangers constantly criticize me, and ask if I'm putting my baby up for adoption, or plan on keeping it, on taxpayers' money, by which I'm sure they mean welfare. The giggle of it is, I'm 23, married, and was married before I conceived. Yes, I'm keeping the baby on taxpayers' money - after all, my husband and I are both in the military, and we get paid out of the defense budget. I just look so young, that people a__sume I'm 14, 16 at the OLDEST, and that's only when they see me drive. I also have such severe swelling in my hands, that my wedding set is on a chain around my neck, so these random folks can't tell at a glance that I really am married.


rach - June 16

i am 18 and people look down at me, i am in college i finished school 2 years ago i am an adult, i have a partner and i am mature. my partner has a full time job and we are currently applying for housing.if you are an adult i dont see what the problem is if you really want kids and know you are capable of providing and there are two of you to look after your children then you are ok. people give me stick and i am not even pregnant they say i am throwing my life away. i have done most things i have had jobs i am studying i have had 3 partners and now i have found my soulmate, u only get one chance at a really good relationship dont b__w it coz u think ur missing out go for it and do what you want. my friends are stopping me coz they are the going out al the time and sleeping with lots of men type but i have done it i have been out weekend after weekend. its nothing good. if u like it do it but i would prefer to settle down first


Jessica to Jaime- - July 4

Haha...lol! Wow, i am sorry that you have to get the 'looks'! You are an AWESOME person, for being married, starting a family AND being in the military! I am not on welfare...well WIC that is it and people will walk by me and be like 'she is just going to keep popping babies out so WE can support them more!' I am b__wing them off now! I know I am doing the right thing, I know I am a good mom, and I know I am a good person! I am at the poit where I am just going to walk by them and smile! Good Luck with everything and again you are an awesome person for all that you are handeling and I wish you and your husband the best of luck!


heres an answer - July 6

kepp your legs closed til you can afford a baby!!!!!!



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